PlayStation: A Tale of Two Markets (How PS3 Is Doing In The UK)

Blend Games writes:

"The PLAYSTATION3 is an unusual beast. While many before it have strived to be the most powerful system of their respective generation, each has found itself falling into second place. Obviously, a commanding factor in this would be retail price – the higher a systems' technical specification, the harder it is to bring manufacturing costs down – but in the case of the PLAYSTATION3, brand strength is more likely a decisive dynamic right here in the UK."

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Coolrah3526d ago

Its good to see that there are people that realize that the US isn't the only gaming market. Even if it is the largest it isn't the only one that hold significants. I wanna see World Wide NPD numbers and see how close the 360 and Ps3 are and watch the xbot fanboys cry in agony. But good article.

mgirl3525d ago

It was good to see an american site taking notice of the uk too! Most sites seem to forget there's a few million gamners in the uk!