Keighley: GTTV Secret Game is A Crack in Time

GOONL!NE: "Geoff Keighley's just been in touch with GOONL!NE, via Twitter, to confirm that the secret game that was referred to during a promo for this week's GameTrailers TV is infact for Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time.

Keighley already confirmed a teaser for the new Ratchet beforehand but we just had to confirm that it was the secret game in question."


Trailer shown:

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- Ghost of Sparta -3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Edit: My mistake. Can't wait to see this.

tocrazed4you3523d ago


Johnny Cullen3523d ago

No, that was Modern Warfare 2.

He said after the GDC awards that they were showing R&C on GTTV.

Cajun Chicken3523d ago


beavis4play3523d ago

i can't wait for the R&C teaser!!!!

Bnet3433523d ago

I love Ratchet & Clank! I loved ToD on PS3, looked very nice. I just hope they add a lot more stuff in CiT. ToD left me wanting more and to be honest I did not buy Q4B because I didn't think it was worth $15 for 3 hours of gameplay. :/

No FanS Land3523d ago

Now Q4B is only 10$ and believe me it is much harder than what you're expecting I'm sure. Put the diffitculty to its max and it will take way more than three hours.

- Ghost of Sparta -3523d ago

@ No FanS Land: Quest of Booty went back up to $14.99. I did buy it though, when it was $9.99. I only wish it had trophies.

Bnet3433523d ago

WHAT THE PHUCK! $10! No one told me! This is bullsh*t!

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Ashton3523d ago

you know it,,I know it,,every one knows it.

teaser FTL.Give me some real game play footage :(

Johnny Cullen3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Just because its officially a teaser doesnt actually mean there wont be any gameplay footage.

Just that if there is, it'll not be long :P

- Ghost of Sparta -3523d ago

I only hope it's longer than 30 seconds. GTTV's teasers often disappoint.

Johnny Cullen3523d ago

My guess, roughly around 1:30 - 1:45 long.

dantesparda3523d ago

Teasers are bad, usually really bad, sorry just my opinion. But wasnt it supposed to be a multiplatform game? So was it MW2 or R&C? I dont know.

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Bren863523d ago

I thought he said the secret game is on the same scale as gears of war...ratchet & clank ain't on the same scale as gears of war.

Johnny Cullen3523d ago


He meant Modern Warfare 2 after the GDC awards. A day later, he said afterwards that GTTV were showing the new R&C teaser tonight

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spunnups3523d ago

This guy overhyped a lot of nothing. we all knew there was going to be another ratchet and call of duty. it's written on the wall!

Zeus Lee3523d ago

He was talking about Modern Warfare 2,and if you're referring to being on the same scale as GeOW in terms of sales,you might be surprised to learn just how many copies the Ratchet n Clank series has sold.

Hint:It's a lot of copies.

Bnet3433523d ago

Series ... well no sh*t how many R/C/R&C games are out lol? I'd say about a dozen. With that, estimate each game sold a little over a million copies, and the series has sold roughly 20 million copies total.

castdreams3523d ago

TOD (one game) sold over a million units on the PS3. How much do you think the four previous games sold on an install base six times that size? Plus Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank and even Going Mobile?

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