Top 5 Video Game Good Guys

A classic debate that has entertained man for literally tens of years. It is of course, the top 5 video game good guys of all time!

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Timesplitter143553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

What the hell is this?

WHAT THE HELL? I couldn't come up with a more boring and broken list even if I tried.

Just looking at it makes me feel ill.

Unicron3553d ago

Link and Solid Snake are all you need baby.

LeonSKennedy4Life3553d ago

1. Wanderer (How do you question a guy who would take down beasts literally hundreds of times his size to bring his dead love back to life?)
2. Dante (Emotion, [email protected], and c0cky)
3. Viewtiful Joe (Nuf said)
4. Donkey Kong (Dumb as a rock, but so awesome!)
5. Gordon Freeman (He's Gordon Freeman.)

Haha...sorry I had to use a zero in c0cky. You can't say the root-word in that word, apparently.