RROD Aftershock To Hurt The Next Xbox?

"We as gamers know that our consoles have hardware problems from time to time, whether it was blowing out NES cartridges, turning our PSones upside down, the dreaded Disc read errors of the PS2, the YLOD with PS3's, or the Red ring of Death with the 360. However the last mentioned problem has got to be the most widespread hardware problem that has ever affected the games industry."

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swiftshot933546d ago

so I dont know I mean people are still buying 360s...

3545d ago
Lifendz3545d ago

it's too late in the cycle and I really do not want to pay to play games online. BUT, I will keep a close eye on the next Xbox. I won't pick it up at launch regardless of how amazing it is because of the RROD syndrome.

Agent VX3545d ago

I am over 3 years with the 360, and I have had one RROD. A good chunk of my friends/family that have had a 360 over 2 years have had a RROD. I am almost 2 years with my PS3, and have had no issues, though a couple of my friends have had their Bluray drive go.

I definitely like the 360 better than my underperforming PS3, that machine that Sony promised would fly to the moon in 4D, and in most cases, runs worse than my 360 graphics/framerate wise. As of right now, my PS3 usually only plays Bluray movies, and the odd Sony exclusives which I haven't found to be earth shattering.

But I really doubt that I will buy another MS gaming console, and here is why.

1. It has been over 3 years, and they still haven't ironed out the 360 hardware problems, and don't look very interested in fixing the problem either for some reason. The failure rate is completely unforgivable, and that alone I would buy from them again.

2. Way over priced peripherals. Eg. Hard Drive and Wireless adapter. Completely nothing more than a money grab. It's not that Sony doesn't do the same thing, just not to the extent MS has done it.

3. Paying for Online. In reality, I find MS service to be noticeably better than Sonys online service, and don't find the under $5 a month something that will come close to breaking the bank. But the PSN network has gotten better over the years and you don't pay, but come on folks, "Home" blows goats. Again, the nickle and diming is ridiculous from both companies.

4. After a few years of neglecting my PC gaming somewhat, I have realized that PC gaming is head and shoulders above console gaming. I really doubt I will buy another console and just stick to my PC gaming. Both the PS3 and 360 have disappointed me, (the 360 with junk hardware and nickle and diming, and the PS3 with over promised hardware and under delivered software) and I have a PC rig that runs circles around both PS3 and 360 in performance. The PS3 and 360 are so "Last Gen" already.

Skynetone3545d ago

I have a PC rig that runs circles around both PS3 and 360 in performance, The PS3 and 360 are so "Last Gen" already

the simple fact is you wont get a pc that outperforms a ps3 anywhere near the same price range

my ps3 runs rings around my half year old pc which cost me 1,300 euro

Dandiego3545d ago

RROD will most likely hurt 360 and slower sales than atticipated wiil hurt PS3. Some people wait to buy the winner of the console war to buy to get the best developer support possible. It was the case in PS1 vs N64 days and it's still true today. I have friends in a chain of 10 videogame stores and many new customers ask the question which system has the most games before buying.

Kushan3545d ago

MC_KOOL_K, you got ripped off. My 12 month old PC that cost me less than your 6month old PC runs rings around my PS3 ([email protected] is how I tested it).

SiLeNt KNighT3545d ago

the article isnt asking if you will buy a 360. "The Next Xbox", meaning 720 or whatever they decide to call it. Of course the RROD will hinder the next xboxs fate. A lot of people that bought a 360 at launch are going to wait to see if everything is ok hardware wise when the next one comes out. I had two 360 and will stay far from the 720. Probably even wait for a price drop unless MS can pick their sh!t up and start bringing out GOOD exclusives. Halo is as played out as Mario at this point. Sony just has a better handle on gaming and microsoft on OS. Stick with what your good at, stop trying to take over the world with cheap knock offs!

creamydingle3545d ago

Well after 2 rrod I dont own a 360 anymore and I WILL NEVER BUY another xbox machine again. Im sure there are quite a few people out there like me so no matter how great the 720 is I wont be buying.

Agent VX3545d ago

Quit being so dramatic Mc Kool K. If your PC in which you "Claim" cost 1,300 euro's is getting beat by the PS3, you are the biggest sucker in the universe. I could put 1,300 euro's in a box that would easily, and I mean easily put the PS3 to "SHAME".

And who is saying that for the same money, sorry your poor or cheap, I build new PC rigs to do things the PS3 could only dream of doing. So putting extra $$$ into a PC that runs circles around the PS3 and all the while doing multiple things the PS3 couldn't, I would call the PS3 an overpriced, under performing machine.

Easily, a fairly recent PC easily blows away the PS3 in what it can do in gaming, and anything else come to think of it. Saying what you just said, is easily the most idiotic and uninformed thing you can say when all the benchmarking out there easily calls you a big "Liar".

Take the tinfoil hat off, the PS3 and 360 are dated and old technology. Love it or hate it, dem da facts.

GWAVE3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

When Nintendo entered the video game market, it completely dominated right out of the gate for two generations (NES, SNES) and even though they were flailing a bit later, they managed to produce two more decent systems (Gamecube, N64). And then of course, there's the Wii, not to mention they've continued to dominate the handheld market.

When Sony entered the video game market, it completely dominated right out of the gate for two generations (PS1, PS2), and even though they are flailing a bit with the PS3, it's a solid system with very solid sales. They entered the handheld market, and while they still are losing to the DS, they've managed to sell almost 50 million PSPs, something no non-Nintendo handheld has ever done.

Now, what's Microsoft's excuse? They didn't dominate with the Xbox, and they're not dominating with the 360. I guess being the new "SEGA" isn't such a bad thing, especially when Peter Moore (Wiki him and learn about his involvement with the Dreamcast....hmmmm) was one of the key people in bringing up the 360.

ThanatosDMC3545d ago

If there is a 720, they have to worry about the growing numbers of PS3s and it's games.

soxfan20053545d ago


Why does MS need any excuses? Last generation, they were outsold by Sony by a 6:1 margin, yet now, over 3 years into the current generation, they lead Sony.

You are right that Sony dominated with PS1 and PS2. Don't forget, those consoles dominated from the start without ANY price drops. PS3 had already been dropped in price by 33% ($600-$400)in just 2 years, and it still trails. PS3 will probably need an unheard of 50% price drop (to $299) just to catch up. Meanwhile, MS has only had to drop the price of it's primary SKU (the Pro) by 25% ($400-$300) over 3+ years.

caladbolg7773545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I like how soxfan conveniently left out the Arcade price drop. Minus bubbs for standing on a soapbox and not telling the whole truth. What's funny is, I would have totally agreed with your statement until the very end. Microsoft didn't "only" have to drop the price of their Pro SKU. They had to drop the price of their Arcade SKU as well. Let us not forget this. Had MS not dropped the price of the Arcade SKU, they would have been skullf#cked by the PS3 in sales last year.

pain777pas3545d ago

Bioware was a massive loss to M$ and one of the huge selling points for me getting the system at the time. Fable 2 is the only good exclusive game from their first party devs for me. Look sorry M$ I gave you a chance to win me. Once my 360 went down the first time I lost faith and got a PS3 and love it. I told your rep the same thing when I cancelled live in November and would not reimburse me. I am not getting your next system at launch until I hear that its safe meaning a year or more after launch. On top of that Sony has better games whether people believe it or not. PS3 had my favorite game Oblivion at launch and I played that to death on Xbox and still do on the PS3 so I really didn't have to get a 360 in the first place but that's just me.

indysurfn3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

So NOW the masses don't forget huh? Let us realistically test the Hypocrisy. Did you ask if PS1's "disk read error" will effect the Future PS2? Did it, nope it sold like gang busters to fantoys (and to none fantoys like me). Going a little forward did PS2 exact same 'disk read error ' hurt the future PS3 sales? Nope only price, and lack of games, and inferrior graphics comparisons hurt it. So why would rrod hurt the next xbox? Especially since even though Sony did not stand behind the ps1, OR ps2 (they made you buy a new one full price). Microsoft stands behind theirs, even extending the warranty twice, fixing it, paying for shipping, and adding a freee game, or xbox gold memberships. Let me see Microsoft rushed beat Sony to market, and paid the pipper. Sony rushed to beat everyone to market, and made gamers pay the pipper. Fantoys=Hypocrisy!

ThanatosDMC3543d ago

PS1 was the only viable source of good next gen game of its time. PS2 decimated everything in its path.

360 and PS3 are practically head to head... so yeah... there you go.

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deshon093545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

total death if a store like gamestop/ebgame or best buy it would hurt there sells but if wall-mart drops them they will die and if they keep doing business the way they are no one will sell there systems and they could forget trying to put a new console because they will more than likely not sell that ether

Bathyj3545d ago

I've been thinking about this already.

Everyone thinks if XB starts to slide and it becomes apparent PS3 will takeover then M$ will jump ship again and bring out XB3.

The problem with this is, if they are seen to be rushing again they will have many problems.

They will virtualy switch places with PS3 if they rush a console out. XB will be the higher price, XB will have no games, XB will have the small install base and XB will have the reputation for breaking, maybe making alot of people hold of for a year to see what happens this time, cos if it faulty hardware again surely they will be finished this time.

By comparison PS3 by that time will be cheap, have lots of games, a big install base and the quality should be through the roof, likely compariable to XB3. The shoe will be on the other foot and XB will have to prove why its worth more money tan the PS3 which will have everything going for it.

I hope they have more than Halo 4 to convince us.

Azuman3545d ago

Micro$oft already started preparing their Xbox 720 and they might announce it this year's E3, which only means they know they lost and will lose this Generation.

AngryTypingGuy3544d ago

Actually Azuman, MS's strategy of being first out of the gate has proven to be very successful. Once you pull your head out of your a$$, you'll see that.

XLiveGamer3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

"I think Microsoft will truly feel the aftershock of the RROD fiasco and their numerous hardware problems. I think gamers will truly question the reliability of Microsoft’s next console hardware and this could lead to a lackluster launch for the next Xbox. It’s a lot easier to avoid a console you haven’t invested in yet"

True and lucky me that i evade the RROD hunter by playing just 1 1/2 hour every day with my White X360 waiting for the Elite and Never an Error experience.

EDIT: Ohhh my God i have E 74 on my screen !!!

Just kidding :P

I remember that i read somewhere that apparently Sega and Microsoft are going to work on the next Xbox. Microsoft its going to buy them or something. I guess its going to be mooooore reliable this time.

Obama3545d ago

MS buying Sega? Is that why Sega's big guns like Valkyria Chronicles and Yakuza 3 are all exclusively on the ps3?

GiantEnemyCrab3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

"Sega's big guns"


mastiffchild3545d ago

@crabsy-it's fair enough calling them both big guns in terms of quality but on sales VC doesn't qualify but surely Y3 does as it is hugely profitable in the east. Whatever, if they bothered pushing Yakuza in the US and EU I'm certain this one would do far better than they have before. I love the series but this is a big jump in terms of polish and seems to keep the Japanese quirks while also feeling more west friendly.

Also , mare, I have to say that as I just bought a 360 again(after being without one for a year or so)i'm a bit worried that MS's silence compared to Sony over upcoming exclusives does concern me. Do you ever wonder if they're already gearing up for the 720 , cut the price to shift the existing Falcon and Jasper skus and the apparent(though I still expect Rare and MS to have more this year at E3)lack of exclusives is down to MS centric devs working towards the next Xbox?

I know M<S usially have surprises but with nothing important at GDC I'm a bit worried about 360 exclisives, tbh.

PrimordialSoupBase3545d ago

Get toned arms like Michelle Obama, gamers.

XLiveGamer3545d ago

you all disagree all you want its going to happen

Obama3545d ago

why are you laughing? They are big guns because they are both triple A quality titles. Who cares about sales, only bots do.

ThanatosDMC3545d ago

If they do, then i hope they stop making weird Sonic games.

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PrimordialSoupBase3545d ago

The day OnLive shuts everyone up about plastic boxes will be grand.

outlawlife3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

onlive isn't going to do anything other than be a subscription based version of steam

it wont be widely adopted, huge publishers like sony, microsoft, and blizzard aren't going for it

the market is only going to be north america, unless it really takes off

many countries dont have the bandwidth to support a service like onlive, not to mention the huge numbers of people in north america and the EU that don't have broad band connections

it will be an expensive service with little to offer