Rumor: Improvements to the PS3 web browser this April?

Will Sony be updating the PlayStation 3's web browser this month?

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Super-Brad3282d ago

Don't even call this a rumour I noticed this a month ago, it's just away to protect children from bad sites and they have extended their free trial.

How can this link to a new browser lol.

LukaX233282d ago

Bringing a new web browser with a new security service that you can pay for would require a FW update.

Super-Brad3282d ago

True but the context of a new browser is a bit much, new security features rumour is easily agreeable but saying that.. all the rumours about whats in 2.7 I don't know what to believe.

Fox013282d ago

it literraly takes 30 seconds to load N4G on the PS3's Web browser. It's so slow.

Johnny Rotten3281d ago (Edited 3281d ago )

Try turning the Java off, I only turn it on if I want to watch a video. This site loads almost as fast as it does on my PC.

thebudgetgamer3281d ago

is that you cant log-in to n4g on ps3


spunnups3281d ago

I dont know what you guys are doing to your PS3's but mine loads up this site as well as Youtube and others just fine, ableit slightly slower than this Macbook but its barely noticeable.

Lifendz3281d ago

Sony, I appreciate Home, I appreciate Flash 9, and I appreciate this. But what I REALLY want are the features that XBL has. In fact, that's what you should be working on more than anything. Why? Because you can then advertise that you have all the features the other side but you offer it for free!

Again, give me xgame chat, voice messages, and a party system and I'm set. As is there is a debate as to which service is better. You incorporate all this and there's no debate.

nix3281d ago

you can log into N4G. but it logs you out everytime you go to the next page. it's little tough to comment using PS3 browser.

uie4rhig3281d ago

they really need to update the browser.. especially the JavaScript engine :( PS3 sucks bad at running JavaScript properly :(

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Cajun Chicken3282d ago

Always welcome if that could be the case...odd coincidence, guess it pays off to read the small print.

jay23282d ago

WTF, pay for something to keep children safe.......... Well I guess we do get to play online for free so why not.

Kamikaze1353282d ago

When I wake up in the morning I like turning on my PS3 to check out some sites as opposed to turning on my PC and waiting about 5 minutes for it to completely load to my desktop. With my PS3, I can just turn it on and be online in mere seconds.

I get lots of issues, like random freezing or being unable to scroll down if I have too many windows open at once.

xabmol3281d ago

And my PS3 has only frozen when in the web browser.

PS3 is all "buddy buddy" with Google isn't it? Can we please have a real web browser like Chrome please? That would be FRIKIN amazing!

aftrdark213281d ago

would rock. I've been using Chrome since it came out and I haven't looked back at IE7 since.

ChozenWoan3282d ago (Edited 3282d ago )

Lately a bunch of articles have begun using the "?" as a way to make questionable accusations about the stupidest of issues and rumors. Now I don't mind a good rumor or two, but there are limits to everything. So I'm asking should I be tired of articles using question marks to just get hits, or should I be glade that I can now use the tall tale "?" as a sign that the following article is a piece of crap.

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