Killzone 2: Maybe Not Game Of The Year

As more exposure begins to surface for God of War III, talks are beginning to gain momentum while the window of interest for KILLZONE 2 is closing fast. Even though the negatives of KILLZONE 2 a extremely minimal, a game surrounded with massive hype can create a mountain out of a molehill.

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Trey4Lyfe3523d ago

but Killzone isnt a established franchise, God Of War is, also KZ2 doesn't have a memorable main charachter, while god Of War has the Awesome and Brutal Kratos. plus marketing for KZ2 couldve been better, though Killzone is still IMO a GOTY contender

jromao3523d ago

And if this KZ2 was an xbox game, we all know how MS would advertise it as Game of Universe.

Stop the crap, Killzone 2 is real, it's funtastic and well done.

Don't like it ? Or just envy to not own and PS3 ??????

Shadowolf3523d ago

Most defintely! A game for the ages in my book :-)

moblin3523d ago

Killzone 2 is a great game and thats all that matters

Phantom_T3523d ago

DEFINETLY a contender.
the AI and physics alone should concrete that.

Cajun Chicken3523d ago

Hey, didn't 'the game that didn't apparently reach expectations and didn't sell fast, Little Big Planet' just win half the awards at GDC the other night?

Myst3523d ago

Personally in my book it comes close to GOTY in my opinion, but I don't know if I would give it to it yet. I'll flat out and say I don't like shooters all to well, but I will give it to Killzone 2. Did a good job of capturing someone who doesn't like shooters and got me to play multiplayer and even single player later on; even though I told myself I wouldn't ever touch that part of the game :]

Killzone 2 should definitely be one of the games that should at least be nominated for GOTY. With the way GG is continuously improving it, stat tracking and generally mayhem in the 32 player games. It certainly is a game that could hold onto that GOTY. If not for the PS3 but perhaps the year as a whole, but before deciding lets wait till the actual end of the year.

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