How Dead Space Wisely Ripped-Off Resident Evil 4

Implying that EA's Dead Space blatantly borrowed from Capcom's Resident Evil 4 may sound like a bad thing. It's not. Because, as senior producer Chuck Beaver said, there are dangers to doing "too much new."

That's been a common theme at some of the GDC talks we attended this week, as published developers caution their peers to be selective about the amount of innovation they try to pack in to a single video game.

"Don't reinvent literally everything," Beaver warned, noting that the EA Redwood Shores team picked about five new things they wanted to do in Dead Space. That, in itself, was a challenge, as the EARS team was hungry to innovate. Since it had been working on licensed properties like The Simpsons and James Bond for more than fifteen years-its last new IP was Road Rash from 1991-the desire to pile on the "new" was fierce.

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KionicWarlord2223397d ago

lol everyone knows this...right?

El_Colombiano3397d ago

Best horror game I have ever played.

3397d ago
hatchimatchi3397d ago

not the scariest (silent hill 2/homecoming), not the most fun (re4), but for a brand new survival horror ip you cant get any better. Cant wait for part 2

El_Colombiano3397d ago

I just hope EA does not milk this franchise.

Seferoth753397d ago

YOu have a better chance at the sun not coming up tomorrow than you do of EA not milking a franchise