X360: StormRise Review


"You see, Stormrise's problem is that it never takes the time to explain its incredibly complicated controls. Say you want to group units together, which you will as it's a right pain in the proverbial if you don't. Well, you'll have to work that out for yourself. We're talking one steep learning curve here: it's an Everest when it comes to learning what tactics work best and even how the controls work. In an effort to streamline those pesky button presses, Stormrise allows you to hot-swap between units with a quick flick of the right analogue stick in the direction of your desired unit. Nice idea in theory, but in practice it's one of the worst and most fiddly control schemes the developer could have come up with. Honestly, it's a nightmare in the heat of battle. With so many better RTSs to play there's no need to even look at Stormrise."

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DA_SHREDDER3546d ago

LOL. Has this dude ever played an RTS before? He must think that Total War Empire is Rocket Science if Stormrise is too complicated.