AATG: Resident Evil 5 Review


"For followers of the series (this does include myself), there are some familiar monsters to rediscover and confront once again under different conditions, which succeed in delivering some decent fan service. Yet there's no escaping the fact Resident Evil 5 doesn't quite live up to expectation. After constant release date slippages and delays, what we're left with is a fantastic looking action game set in an evocative environment with an unsatisfying storyline and slightly creaky gameplay. You need only take a look at Dead Space to see what Resident Evil 5 could have been. It's ironic that EA's game, which borrowed so liberally from Resident Evil 4, now has lessons of its own to teach its successor. Nevertheless, Resident Evil 5 is worth playing and is immensely enjoyable while it lasts. Just don't expect to be blown away. When the biggest surprise is realising that it's getting more and more difficult to class Resident Evil as a survival horror game, you know that something's not quite right."

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farhsa20083221d ago

poor rating, nothing less than a 9 for my beloved RE!