AATG: SingStar Queen Review


"Maybe that's for the future, but, for now, if you're a fan of Singstar and a fan of Queen, this really is a no-brainer purchase. It looks like Sony are paying a little more attention to detail with each release too, as the front end is far more professionally done than with the (rushed?) ABBA release. There's a nice little montage of the band through the ages on start-up - just a little moment, but it appeals to the raging fan in me."

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Cajun Chicken3221d ago

Is this a standalone locked off title of does it still allow me to access the Singstore like most other Singstar games I hear about?

Parapraxis3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

It allows you to access your library, singstore, etc all the same functionality of SingStar vol1 ,2, 3 & ABBA.

I actually expected my copy today..but didn't get it =(
guess Monday.
I had to import from the UK, there is no known release date for the PS3 version yet in NA.

lol, I think the score should read 9/10.
This is also a dupe

yeah...somebody removed my ability to report stories.