Gizmodo: If You Love/Hate Sony's Xross Media Bar, Blame This Guy

If you're like Mark (and many others), you'll congratulate Mr. Yasuhiro Yamanaka on a job well done. If he really did create all of that by himself, it's quite an accomplishment. If you're like me, and think the XMB is pretty, yet functionally horrible from a UI development standpoint, you'll think this guy should hire a few more people to help.

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Cajun Chicken3217d ago

XMB is slick as heck. Love it. Liked it on the PSP, love it on the PS3.

Premonition3217d ago

Agree, its simple and easy to use.

Bren863217d ago

I like the XMB but I think ingame XMB is crap

Thoreau3217d ago

i love to see the cross media bar, it has a special refinement to it.

crck3217d ago

Funny I was just thinking about something similar when I saw this article. The NXE is a rip off of the xmb. Just with a horizontal bias instead of a vertical one and bigger icons so they could add descriptions.

Myst3217d ago

"Yasuhiro Yamanaka of Sony Computer Entertainment claims that he "designed PSP and PS3 User Interface all by myself." You can blame him for everything."

I think I want to thank him for everything. I really like the whole look of the XMB especially with the background for the PS3 and PSP. Especially now that updates have made it less "laggy" to get in to while playing a game. Overall I'd thank this man rather than blame him :D

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