Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer Confirmed

Capcom has been very tight lipped about facets of Dead Rising 2, with much of the information about the zombie killing action sequel released in one press release and a few screens. IGN was keeping their fingers crossed that there would be something – anything – released about the upcoming game at GDC, and luckily, they managed to glean a few little nuggets from the show. During the Platform Independent Shader Development with mental mill – Making of Dead Rising 2 panel, Izmeth Siddeek, the character art lead from Blue Castle Games detailed how the development team needed to focus on creating large amount of characters that had to be lit and shaded properly, as well as a number of other design hurdles overcome with the mental mill program. Thanks to the program's shaders, the Blue Castle team was able to create unique eye and cloth shaders, as well as skin shading that looked natural and realistic that could be applied to large numbers of characters and zombies on screen at one time.

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neogeo3525d ago

even if i move real slow

moblin3525d ago

I want to ride around in a barbie tricycle killing zombies with a masamune

heyheyhey3525d ago

man i would love to ride around in the bike from No More Heroes

Rhezin3525d ago

I swear if they f up the SP campaign because of a new multiplayer mode IM GONNA BE PISSED. If it's co-op then that's a god-send. But multiplayer in Dead Rising? Come on only morons would plea for that in a Dead Rising game.

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The story is too old to be commented.