What Is Sony Announcing On Tuesday?

Sony dropped Kotaku a line to let us know that something big was going down on Tuesday, March 31st. Could it be the long-rumored price cut is finally upon us?

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windmill1452767d ago

My guess is firmware 2.70

fishd2767d ago

The most important question is,Why kotaku?!

Marceles2767d ago

lol yeah, since when does Sony contact Kotaku?

morganfell2767d ago

Because they are one of the most well known Sony haters. Seriously though I would say Kotaku wasn't the only network of sites notified.

Marceles2767d ago

I hope it's something big then since Kotaku likes to flop everything Sony does.

"Sony reveals secret button to turn PS3 into PS4, but does it matter?"

- Written by Brian Ashcroft

Freak of Nature2767d ago

It probably is Firmware 2.70.....

But since this is all wild speculation,lets go all out and hope for a quadruple announcement/unveiling of Team Ico's next game,the next JAK game,Dark Cloud 3,and Kingdom hearts 3....

If only this could be true....

orakga2767d ago

What bugs me most is the fact that Kotaku did not mention anything about FW2.70

Those guys clearly pay no attention to anything Sony.

IMO, if 2.70 does come out on Tuesday, and it has cross-game chat... Microsoft may as well start announcing the next XBox.

Megaton2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I'd say firmware or a price drop are the 2 most likely suspects. Firmware usually comes out on Tuesday nights.

sonarus2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

I will say price cut more than firmware or perhaps both. March 31st = end of fiscal yr. So they can start new yr with a lower price and yield more revenue

WhittO2767d ago

maybe they are trying to get Kotaku to stop with all the hate.

Unless its a big FW update that will bring alot of stuff, i think it will be a price-cut. Sony usually dont let people know theres a FW coming incase of delay etc (except on the blog the day before)

Lifendz2767d ago

Seriously, of all sites to do this through.

But I hope its the price cut. NOt because I want to buy a PS3 and 100.00 bucks is the difference between me buying one or not. No, I want it to be the price cut so all these media people can stop with all the "teh PS3 is dooomzed. Sonyz mus drow teh price!"

gaffyh2767d ago

hmm...what's that day after March 31st? when is Kotaku going to post this "news" from Sony? When in the past has Sony ever contacted Kotaku, the biggest Xbox fanboy site around?

Shadow Flare2767d ago

This is what i wish sony would have wrote to kotaku:

"Dear Kotaku, we here at sony computer entertainment have a very big announcement on tuesday. We felt we wanted to tell you because. . .you know. . . your website is sort of that one that trashes up relentlessly, ya know. . .don't really cut us any slack at all. . . Well we're dropping the ps3's price by $100. Got anything else you wanna moan about? THEN STFU.

Sony "

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jay22767d ago

F.W 2.70, got to be.

ottoenie2767d ago

i really really hope so!

Mindboggle2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Its firmware 2.7 ..... Makes sense, tuesday is usually the firmware day and a dev confirmed we would see a new firmware before the end of the month . Either way if it was a price drop it would be great news aswell...

Or it could be a crappy announcement noone cares about...Like they now have 21 million PSN users..

Or it could well be a PS2 price drop like kotaku says, but i dont know where that came from.....And even though it will be good, noone really cares..

pwnsause2767d ago

why would they talk about price cuts? Honestly, we would get that news before kotaku even gets it with a few people here who work at retail.

crck2767d ago

Yep, I would expect leaked retail flyers 2 to 3 weeks before a price drop.

morganfell2767d ago

The only way this announcement is 2.70 is if the feature list in 2.70 is

1 - Extensive

2 - Comprised of the most demanded features

Otherwise it is either an exclusive deal of a known multiplatform title (Modern Warfare springs to mind or possibly Mass Effect) or it is a price cut.

Mindboggle2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

It definetly isnt exclusive Modern Warefare 2 to PS3...There was an image on Infinity wards twitter page showing them testing the game using 360's. But anyway I know what your saying....

I dont think its a price cut, why would they tell Kotaku first ? They would be telling retailers and like someone above me said we would have already had leaked invoices/flyers

I personally think its 2.7, it must be something big or they wouldnt be giving the news to Kotaku. Also news like a firmware update is only relevant to people owning a PS3, so saying they have something big to announce to gaming website like Kotaku seems logical when its a firmware update..

But put it this way, its a either a new game announcement or a firmware update...

morganfell2767d ago

When I say Modern Warfare Exclusive I wouldn't mean the entire game but rather something like DLC.

And if it's 2.7 then as I said it would have to be a huge important update unlike anything seen thus far.

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TheHater2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

Next Week Square Enix is set to announce something about the Kingdom Hearts series. Sony is set to announce something.
Could it be Kingdom Hearts 3?

Oh and I forgot. Let the speculations begin.

RememberThe3572767d ago

A console game that might actually sell? Doubt it. Square seems completely focused on making consoles games that don't sell.

But KH3 would be great for both Sony and Square.

skynidas2767d ago

Firmware 2.7 releasing on April 2nd.

TheHater2767d ago

wasn't that rumor to come mid April?