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Firefox is finished: get Google Chrome


"Firefox is over. There, I've said it.

What exactly is it about Mozilla Firefox that I find so objectionable?

On a technical level, I agree with practically all the points raised in a recent Slashdot discussion (tinyurl.com/ctgspc). If you're looking for a technical discussion, it's best to read that.

The problem I have with Firefox is more pragmatic: it just doesn't feel right any more. It feels wrong. Somehow, it's struggling to keep up with the web the way we use it now, and the way we're almost certainly going to be using it in the future." (PC, Tech)

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jay2  +   2387d ago
I'm going to compare Chrome to Wii
Every one wants it, but it's behind the times.
BulletToothtony  +   2387d ago
i know chrome is probably gonna be a really good browser
but i tried it and i simply didn't like it.. as of now.. firefox is still king.. and i don't expect that to change anytime soon
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y0haN  +   2387d ago
Shame it doesn't have the extension support and is yet another way for the Google overlords to see what you are doing.
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Statix  +   2387d ago
Firefox works like a goddamn charm for me. I love the bookmarking system and I love the couple plugins I've got installed that are totally unobtrusive. I see no reason to switch over to Chrome.
TheIneffableBob  +   2387d ago

Not sure what you mean exactly by "A fully threaded Javascript engine," but Firefox 3.1's Tracemonkey javascript rendering engine is faster than Chrome's V8.
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kwyjibo  +   2387d ago
If you want a fast lightweight browser, then Chrome or Opera it is.

If you want AdBlock, noScript and Flash Block, which make browsing so much more effective, then go for firefox. No more annoying flash ads, no more redirection scripts, a f-cking godsend.

It doesn't matter that Chrome does support extensions, it's that they're not there yet. No one who browses with adblock ever goes back.


"It means that every tab's resources are mixed in with every other tab's resources meaning you get constant memory leaks and other performance degredation with Firefox."

Only, that's not true, and memory management is much improved. Yes, all the tabs are mixed up together, but in the real world, that keeps memory usage down. Sure, maybe after a few days of browsing, memory usage will exceed that of Chrome. Great!
SiLeNt KNighT  +   2387d ago
once Chrome gets add ons im going to switch completely. Thats the only thing holding me back right now.

FireFox is great but it does have a lot of problems.
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pansenbaer  +   2387d ago
LOL at the pathetic Chrome fanyboy...the person that actually cares what is going on behind the browser and doesn't care about being on the internet...
FlameBaitGod  +   2387d ago
It should say journalism is finished, get use to blogs.
PS3istheshit  +   2387d ago
you jus made chrome look bad
" * Complete memory protection for every tab "
y would u want that
wen i go to a$$[email protected] in a new tab, i expect it not to save the history
ask urself this people
would you want your sister to know your jerk it to p0rn0?
im sure we'll all be using firefox for a long time
y0haN  +   2387d ago
^ Your ignorance towards computing disturbs me.
kwyjibo  +   2386d ago
Re: FelinePornographer
"Keep clinging to that outdated POS browser..." [Firefox]

And you can cling on to flash advertising and javascript popups.

But remember! You can run those javascript advertising interstitials faster than anyone else! Isn't Chrome great!
theEnemy  +   2386d ago
Pretty lame article.
Chrome is fast, but it's functionality and settings are too "easy".

I can't even extend the cache of it.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2386d ago
I used Chrome and I like it, but don't trust Google with my privacy. They are far the worst of the big 3 search engines in this area. Tying Gmail, search history and browser into one is literally handing them everything about your internet usage.

Unlike other search engine vendors, I believe they take 3 years before they delete your data. Yahoo does it in 6 months.
indysurfn  +   2386d ago
I like Chrome too BUT!
There is one big problem with it. IT FREQUENTLY does NOT WORK!!! Go to www.comedycentral.com and play a full lenght episode of Jon Stewart. Go to WWW.NBC.COM and play a episode! Go to Www.etrade.com and try to do some of the advanced streaming graphs. As soon as you fix those basic problems where it works upon installation then come and talk about it being over for firefox. My thing is I think the other software when it gets added to Chrome will SLOW IT DOWN. If anyone knows of a work around for some of the Chrome problems I mentioned let me know them please. It will change my mind, and maybe a few other peoples minds.
krouse93  +   2386d ago
you do know that Google chrome has incognito windows and "Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however."
Kulupoo  +   2386d ago
I will sums this up!
To sum up what people said up there
guy1 : ZOMG CHROMe is LIKE 0.0001 sec faster than Firefox, and the javascript is like waaaaay~ better
guy2: NA UH~ FireFox have extension and everything, firefox = king!!!
guy1: OH NO U DIDNT!

seriously guys... just use what ever browser you like, some people like opera, some people like chrome or Firefox...
facepalm  +   2386d ago
Who cares...they're both free.

^-^ Pick your poison, because no one gives a ****.
y0haN  +   2386d ago
gtfo pedobear go molest some kids.
neogeo  +   2387d ago
Doom and gloom
The writer is finished. There I said it!
TheTwelve  +   2387d ago
I use both...I use Chrome 95% of the time now but there are still pages that Chrome doesn't seem to open right, and for that I use Firefox.

I guess I'm very much a Chrome fan as of now.

farhsa2008  +   2387d ago
hey fvck you, SOB author, firefox is the best of all the browsers, its the only one where you see amazing add-ons not available elsewhere, its reliable and works best
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Parapraxis  +   2387d ago
No thanks.
v1c1ous  +   2387d ago
"i hate popular things"
gumgum99  +   2387d ago
lol, who said that
Guy169  +   2387d ago
is this a joke?

god I'm sick of all this opinionated crap. this should've been reported as bs =P.
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swiftshot93  +   2387d ago
I love google chrome!
I think its the best one!

But I have to admit, Chrome crashes much more than FF. Still though I prefer Chrome for its awesome speed and amazing features.
njr  +   2387d ago
Yeah, no.
rawd  +   2387d ago
I'd love to try it out, you know, IF THERE WAS A MAC VERSION
Foxgod  +   2387d ago
All aboard the new train people, it seems to be a hype these days to abandon things that are popular or common.

First people dump internet explorer in favor for Firefox, and now that Firefox has a good share, look what comes around the corner, its the Chrome lobby.
Why dis  +   2386d ago
Whats fire fox?

The only time I hear of it is from PS3 only fans from this site.
Lumbo  +   2387d ago
Sure, lets choose Chrome and not have all the adons that i love to use in Firefox, and at the same time have it report every move i make in the web back to Google HQ, heck it even reports every single keystroke i make in the adress bar back to Google HQ. Chrome may very well the most snoopy browser ever.

Thats not what i want in a browser.
yog-sothot  +   2387d ago
I don't like Chrome personnaly... and google is already powerful enough, I don't want them to completely rule the internet
Valdass  +   2387d ago
chrome best of best lord of browsers
evolution54  +   2387d ago
Until Chrome allows me to install all the add-ons I have currently installed on Firefox, I will not replace it as my daily browser. There, I said it.
celldomceen1  +   2387d ago
ok......on second thought no not ok gtfo.
poopface1  +   2387d ago
I dont care much about which internet explorer I use.
and most people care even less than me.
heyheyhey  +   2387d ago
why would they care? there's only one Internet Explorer

anyway, as for the best BROWSER... it's definitely Firefox, i tried Chrome.. and it wasn't that great

hell even Sony's browser for the PS3 has faster Flash than Chrome
Whiteford88  +   2387d ago
Over the past couple of weeks... Firefox keeps crashing on certain articles when i click comments on this site, but it doesn't really matter with the restore previous state (Even though, it crashes, again, kinda like windows huh?)

I've got chrome, and I still prefer Firefox, and with such a large fanbase, don't expect it to go down without a fight
Mirage749  +   2387d ago
Personally, I don't use any add-ons in FireFox, and Chrome runs a lot faster on my computer. I prefer Chrome, but that's me.
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zag  +   2387d ago
And the sad thing is
Opera had all these features before all these other browsers that are only just getting now.

I'd have to say Opera is the best, looks like FF but very streamlined, doesn't crash when you have addons in it.

Shame that's it's the most under used browser.
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TheMART  +   2387d ago
This story feels wrong, and Firefox just feels right.

Sorry dude, Chrome needs to improve a lot more before it is able to catch up with Firefox.
Capt CHAOS  +   2386d ago
agreed. I won't touch chrome until..
I can addblock and flashblock..
sofresh200  +   2387d ago
Chrome is great but I don't like how you have to save every file you click on. Is there a way to make it so you can also open the file directly from the web?
EvanVolm  +   2387d ago
I used FF for a few years, and overall liked it. But as of late I was having a few problems, so I switched to Chrome and haven't gone back. I'd sure like some add-ons, but I'm surviving thus far. Both are good browsers, and completely dominate IE.
Kushan  +   2387d ago
Chrome, as a piece of software for rendering web pages, is excellent. However, it's lacking a lot of basic features that makes it a good browser.

Firefox, on the other hand, does a pretty damn good Job of rendering the internet (and 3.1/3.5 is going to do an even better job) and has an almost unlimited scope for expansion. Extensions make the browser what it is.

Opera is a great "everything but the kitchen sink" solution that many will like.

IE is.....IE. It's behind them all, but slowly getting there.

This article is poppycock, another one of those "Ohhhh something NEW! Lets abandon everything else and go with shiny shiny new thing!" deals that'll fizzle out in a few months. Chrome is great, but it's got nothing to make it the only sensible choice for a browser, it's just more competition.
dronde  +   2387d ago
call me when chrome got ad plus! and Java Script Blocker
verb3k  +   2387d ago
Baka-akaB  +   2387d ago
I had one issue from the start with firefox , but it's mainly my fault . It's a memory hog , and ever since i got used to tabs i now use many . But firefox also had the nasty habit of accumulating stuff in the memory , to a point where i'd get to 400-500k .
It was slowly fixed through various build , but it's not good enough and fast enough .

So far chrome seems faster and lighter for me . only it's lacking many options , and well cant run right now under win 7 beta .
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BIGELLOW  +   2387d ago
I use Chrome...
...with add ons. I will never fully understand those who keep saying "when they add add-ons, I might consider switching." The reality of it is, the add-ons are already here if you're willing to take the time. If you aren't willing to take the time, then I don't understand why one would still take the time to post about it.

The developer version of Chrome has the equivalent of Greasemonkey support... for blocking ads and doing all sorts of other useful things.

If you're the paranoid type, and have avoided adding things like the Google Toolbar to Firefox, then maybe you just want to stick with Firefox. Otherwise, Chrome is currently the equivalent of Firefox with the Google Toolbar... then made 10 times more efficient. Otherwise, the paranoid types could always run Chrome in "incognito" mode... which does not use Google for search suggestions... and does not store the history, cookies, etc...

I use Chrome 99% of the time. Every once in a while there is certain functionality that isn't completely supported by Chrome (like my company's VPN)... but these times are rare. For most sites, Chrome works wonderfully.

Don't get me wrong... I respect Firefox. Firefox is awesome. It's skinnable, has an awesome add-on system, etc, etc... but it has been getting too bloated for my tastes. Chrome is headed in the same direction as Firefox, but keeping certain principles of speed and the user in mind. For instance, they are working really hard to make sure that add-ons are forward compatible with future versions of Chrome. This is unlike Firefox where half the add-ons no longer work when another major revision comes out, and you need to wait for the developers of each add-on to play catch-up.
xinyuiyin  +   2387d ago
I totally agree FIrefox is finished
Finished beating the crap out of joke browsers like IE and now Chrome, get outta here. Firefox >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>> Chrome+IE combined.
BIGELLOW  +   2387d ago
I forgot to add...
...there is a great website to test out some experiments in Chrome. Many of the experiments (which were written before Chrome existed) also work in Firefox. Test these out in your browser of choice... if any don't work, or are slow, check 'em out in Chrome. Some are pretty neat, if you're into that whole "demo scene".

Speed-Racer  +   2387d ago
I think firefox needs to deal with their memory usage issues. I love FF but the program ends up using like almost 200MB worth of system memory, and just sometimes jams on me. This has forced me over to Chrome. I love the features of Firefox and found it efficient, especially adblocker, but I cant stand the memory usage issues. I hope they fix it in 3.1
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