Firefox is finished: get Google Chrome


"Firefox is over. There, I've said it.

What exactly is it about Mozilla Firefox that I find so objectionable?

On a technical level, I agree with practically all the points raised in a recent Slashdot discussion ( If you're looking for a technical discussion, it's best to read that.

The problem I have with Firefox is more pragmatic: it just doesn't feel right any more. It feels wrong. Somehow, it's struggling to keep up with the web the way we use it now, and the way we're almost certainly going to be using it in the future."

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jay23497d ago

Every one wants it, but it's behind the times.

BulletToothtony3497d ago

but i tried it and i simply didn't like it.. as of now.. firefox is still king.. and i don't expect that to change anytime soon

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y0haN3497d ago

Shame it doesn't have the extension support and is yet another way for the Google overlords to see what you are doing.

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Statix3497d ago

Firefox works like a goddamn charm for me. I love the bookmarking system and I love the couple plugins I've got installed that are totally unobtrusive. I see no reason to switch over to Chrome.

TheIneffableBob3497d ago


Not sure what you mean exactly by "A fully threaded Javascript engine," but Firefox 3.1's Tracemonkey javascript rendering engine is faster than Chrome's V8.

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kwyjibo3497d ago

If you want a fast lightweight browser, then Chrome or Opera it is.

If you want AdBlock, noScript and Flash Block, which make browsing so much more effective, then go for firefox. No more annoying flash ads, no more redirection scripts, a f-cking godsend.

It doesn't matter that Chrome does support extensions, it's that they're not there yet. No one who browses with adblock ever goes back.


"It means that every tab's resources are mixed in with every other tab's resources meaning you get constant memory leaks and other performance degredation with Firefox."

Only, that's not true, and memory management is much improved. Yes, all the tabs are mixed up together, but in the real world, that keeps memory usage down. Sure, maybe after a few days of browsing, memory usage will exceed that of Chrome. Great!

SiLeNt KNighT3497d ago

once Chrome gets add ons im going to switch completely. Thats the only thing holding me back right now.

FireFox is great but it does have a lot of problems.

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pansenbaer3497d ago

LOL at the pathetic Chrome fanyboy...the person that actually cares what is going on behind the browser and doesn't care about being on the internet...

FlameBaitGod3497d ago

It should say journalism is finished, get use to blogs.

PS3istheshit3496d ago

you jus made chrome look bad
" * Complete memory protection for every tab "
y would u want that
wen i go to [email protected] in a new tab, i expect it not to save the history
ask urself this people
would you want your sister to know your jerk it to p0rn0?
im sure we'll all be using firefox for a long time

y0haN3496d ago

^ Your ignorance towards computing disturbs me.

kwyjibo3496d ago

"Keep clinging to that outdated POS browser..." [Firefox]

And you can cling on to flash advertising and javascript popups.

But remember! You can run those javascript advertising interstitials faster than anyone else! Isn't Chrome great!

theEnemy3496d ago

Chrome is fast, but it's functionality and settings are too "easy".

I can't even extend the cache of it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3496d ago

I used Chrome and I like it, but don't trust Google with my privacy. They are far the worst of the big 3 search engines in this area. Tying Gmail, search history and browser into one is literally handing them everything about your internet usage.

Unlike other search engine vendors, I believe they take 3 years before they delete your data. Yahoo does it in 6 months.

indysurfn3496d ago

There is one big problem with it. IT FREQUENTLY does NOT WORK!!! Go to and play a full lenght episode of Jon Stewart. Go to WWW.NBC.COM and play a episode! Go to and try to do some of the advanced streaming graphs. As soon as you fix those basic problems where it works upon installation then come and talk about it being over for firefox. My thing is I think the other software when it gets added to Chrome will SLOW IT DOWN. If anyone knows of a work around for some of the Chrome problems I mentioned let me know them please. It will change my mind, and maybe a few other peoples minds.

krouse933496d ago

you do know that Google chrome has incognito windows and "Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however."

Kulupoo3496d ago

To sum up what people said up there
guy1 : ZOMG CHROMe is LIKE 0.0001 sec faster than Firefox, and the javascript is like waaaaay~ better
guy2: NA UH~ FireFox have extension and everything, firefox = king!!!
guy1: OH NO U DIDNT!

seriously guys... just use what ever browser you like, some people like opera, some people like chrome or Firefox...

facepalm3496d ago

Who cares...they're both free.

^-^ Pick your poison, because no one gives a ****.

y0haN3496d ago

gtfo pedobear go molest some kids.

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neogeo3497d ago

The writer is finished. There I said it!

TheTwelve3497d ago

I use both...I use Chrome 95% of the time now but there are still pages that Chrome doesn't seem to open right, and for that I use Firefox.

I guess I'm very much a Chrome fan as of now.


farhsa20083497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

hey fvck you, SOB author, firefox is the best of all the browsers, its the only one where you see amazing add-ons not available elsewhere, its reliable and works best