First Windows 7 release candidate in May

Microsoft will issue a public release candidate of Windows 7 in May, according to the company's website.

The Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) download page on Microsoft's TechNet site carries a date of 'May 2009', and spells out a slew of details about the upcoming public preview.

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kharma453403d ago

Looking forward to trying this :) Been using beta build 7000 since it came out on MS's website. Had one BSOD when I first got it installed, but ever since that one blip it's been pretty much flawless!

This could well be one of MS's best OS's yet!

surfer3403d ago

I like the Fresh new look

SaiyanFury3403d ago

I've had some hiccups, a few BSODs and I've had to reinstall it a few times, but each time I gain more experience, and this time it seems to work well. It's fast as hell, and with my GTX 285 video card, the Aero Glass interface works extremely well. If they can make it more stable, I'll definitely pick it up.

bizkd3403d ago

That's stuff the mac has had for years. Doesn't look too good though. I'm glad i switched to a mac

zig_zag_stories3402d ago

yeah get a mac. mac is not even a competitor to microsoft. linux is more of a threat then mac. Windows 7 been great when I used it. best one to date so far IMO