Burnout Paradise patch adds DLC support

Burnout Paradise's 1.100 patch is now available for download, the update is needed to play online and gives players the ability to purchase the latest downloadable content for the racing title.

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Kevin McCallister3550d ago

The amount of post-release support that this title has received is ridiculous. I wish more devs supported their games in the same manner.

Bnet3433550d ago

I alot of devs are/have been already doing this.

Kevin McCallister3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

All those free, yet still quite beefy, expansions along with premium DLC too? Most of the DLC I see is Guitar Hero/Rock Band related or developers fixing a game that they know they shipped before they had completed it. Either that, or they force you to pay for something that's already on your disc.

Andras843550d ago

I swear I could purchase content from the game in the PS3 version already.