GameCritics Review: Fallout 3: The Pitt Writes:

"Titled The Pitt, the plot of this new content is that the character of the game receives a radio transmission leading him to a new area in the D.C. wasteland. Upon arrival, he is greeted by an escapee from what used to be Pittsburgh, and is quickly recruited to help free the slaves held captive there.

In an interesting and appreciated twist, players who might have grown to feel unstoppable thanks to the weapons and gear scavenged over the course of the main game will be reminded of their earlier, far more vulnerable first days outside the Vault. All weapons and items are confiscated in order to blend in with the other slaves, and things can be tense until more healing stimpaks and dropped firearms can be found. It's a great idea, and gives the perfect excuse to become familiar with The Pitt's most notable piece of new tech: the whirling, limb-lopping Auto-Axe. It's amusing."

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