What The Original Nintendo DS Could Have Looked Like

Let's travel back in time to a day before the Nintendo DS flew off store shelves. Behind the scenes Nintendo was experimenting with a touch screen adapter for the GBA. This technology was later used for a new handheld which gamers know very well now. However, a patent application filed by Nintendo in 2004 shows a different concept for the hardware.

An early Nintendo DS only had the top screen flip up and a different button layout. The X and Y buttons aren't in this prototype. A speaker takes up that spot. Game Boy Advance backwards compatibility wasn't part of the plan either. DS cards plugged into the bottom and there wasn't a second slot. Actually, this early design looks a lot like a rectangular Game Boy Advance with a second screen.

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Myst3400d ago

The original surprisingly looks kind of like an Old NES controller (perhaps a bit more spacious) and with the dual screens.

Marceles3400d ago

kinda looks like an original, more square shaped Game Boy Advance with a screen on top. I'm glad it doesnt look like that though lol

GVON3400d ago

seen that years ago in NGC magazine,I got a GBAsp feel from it