IGN: Adding Morality to Home

At a panel held during GDC, a trio of prominent developers weighed in on Sony's Home. The panel, which focused on how games could influence social, included Lorne Lanning (co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants), Peter Molyneux (the man behind Fable) and Will Wright (creator of The Sims).

A member of the audience asked how each would add "social nutrition" to PlayStation Home. Lanning didn't offer an idea of how to add anything of value to Home, but made his feelings on Sony's social experiment clear. Home is a "product trying to find the market," Lanning said. He added that Home is "driven by emulation, not innovation."

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Myst3550d ago

I hope that Karma system will be monitored like a hawk, otherwise it seems like it might be something similar to what people have said about N4G. In the fact that you will get slapped with disagrees randomly or even losing bubbles without knowing why. If done right it could be a great boost to the way home would be portrayed to those who may have stopped logging on due to what other people were doing.

I figure if someone has an extremely low karma they will hopefully be suspended for 'X' number of days before eventually being outright banned.

ChozenWoan3550d ago

Home could use a Karma system. Right now we only have 1 of 3 options for how we deal with others.

1. add them to our friends list
2. ignore/hang out for a while then move on
3. report them which can easily end with their PSID being banned.

The third option is a 50/50 issue as some people go around trolling then reporting others trying to get them banned. If we had a Karma system, it would be easier for the mods to spot the real trouble makers and handle them appropriately. Then Home would have fewer problems from Trolls and Pervs.