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If you ever get concerned that the Game Developers Conference is getting too much like a consumer-focused show, you should come hear Jason Gregory talk. The generalist programmer at Naughty Dog, Gregory spoke all about programming languages, syntax, data definition, and everything else that goes into "state-based scripting" at the show today.

What's that mean to you? Probably not much -- state-based scripting involves managing objects in the game -- except that Gregory showed some footage from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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Cajun Chicken3497d ago

Naughty Dog have such a great attention to detail.

himdeel3497d ago

...disgustingly amazing.

RememberThe3573497d ago

is the animations. They really are beautiful.

- Ghost of Sparta -3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Drake's Fortune is a masterpiece. Even after I obtained all 48 trophies I continued playing it. It's hard for me to say that Among Thieves will be my game of the year though, I mean there are so many other PS3 exclusives releasing this year and I seriously can't wait for Heavy Rain. I'm looking at my PS3 right now and I'm thinking to myself what it'd be like to rub it all over my body.

GVON3497d ago

It's probably the most noticeable difference between all the consoles (apart from sound) The Sony exclusive games tend to have the best animation,in terms of numbers,and quality.

This is probably because they have access to all the latest cameras and tech from Sonys movie division,and the storage capacity of the disks alows for gigabytes of animation,not being a fanboy or bashing but the reality is you could fill a DVD9's worth of space on a 50gb disk just for animation if you wanted.they may even have the benefit from guys working on CGI for Sony getting jobs in their studios for keying the faces.

Uncharted has a crazy number of animations just for when Drakes in cover.Different stances,faces, the way he can look flustered after running,stumbleing on rock getting shot diving into cover and taking a deep breath and saying something to compose himself,And most of the time it's not the player who notices it,but people who are watching you play,and all that combined makes this special.

Cajun Chicken3497d ago

Even since Crash Bandicoot to the Jaks', Naughty Dog has been about likable characters, animation and tiny little details that fill the world, even without Jason Rubin, that DNA has continued evolving.

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redsquad3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

I just wiped my saves and started UNCHARTED again from the beginning to get the trophies (I'd played and finished it before the trophy patch was released) and forgot just how gorgeous and playable it is. Character animations (both friend and foe) stand out as especially exceptional.
The sequel is already poised for GOTY in my house!

Antan3497d ago

I`d say this is my most anticipated game of 09 withoubt a doubt.

kws10653497d ago

But what the hack! I have no doubt it will be awesome. Just make it happen quickly.

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