Game Revolution: Legends of Wrestlemania Review

Game Revolution writes: "Though I am a regular follower of the WWE Smackdown vs. RAW video game franchise, I was never one of the actual sports entertainment brand, though it was always in the periphery of my childhood. Oh, Cartoon Network has nothing good on, but look at that, some ridiculously muscled heavyweight in an outrageously feathered costume. Oh, look at that, some guy coming out of Hot Topic with a 3:16 T-shirt. Oh, look at that, someone's actually snapping into a Slim Jim. (To wrestling noobs: The wrestler in the video is Macho Man Randy Savage, not Hulk Hogan.)"

+ Fantastic tribute to classic WWF WWE
+ Expansive, importable roster
+ More CAW parts and better CAW leveling
+ Approachable wrestling title
+/- Useful but unbalanced taunts
- Many oversimplified mechanics
- Several cut modes and moves
- Not a lot of replay value; too short

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