New video game releases for the week of 3/29/09

Guitar Hero Metallica kicks off the new video game releases in the week ahead. It'll be available this Sunday for the Xbox 360, Wii and PLAYSTATION 3. Another new music game out this week for the Wii is Major Minor's Majestic March. It's coming from Masaya Matsuura and artist Rodney Alan Greenblat, who were the creators of the cult-classic music/rhythm game Parappa The Rapper. Lead a band of green monkeys trumpeting, blue bears drumming and cats on saxophones. Yeah, it's different. The new Nintendo DSi will be out in just about a week, on April 5th, but you may want to get your pre-order in soon! The DSi is likely to be in high demand. Early adopters will get 1000 DSi Points for logging into the DSi Shop.

New video game releases for week of 3/29/09:
(subject to change)

Xbox 360:
Guitar Hero Metallica
Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust

Guitar Hero Metallica

Backyard Baseball 2010
Cradle of Rome
Crayola Colorful Journey
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves Includes Two Dance Mats
Don King Boxing
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout
Guitar Hero Metallica
Major Minor's Majestic March
Nintendo 2000 Points Card (DSi or Wii)
Offshore Tycoon

Nintendo DS and DSi:
Nintendo DSi Console - Matte Black (available April 5th)
Nintendo DSi Console - Matte Blue (available April 5th)
Don King Boxing
Fashion Studio: Paris Collection
Gardening Mama
Imagine: Family Doctor
Nintendo 2000 Points Card (DSi or Wii)
Pet Vet Down Under
Tokyo Beat Down

Air Conflicts

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CaliforniaWave3400d ago great. So many great games (and new handhelds) coming out. Now I just have to wait for the second Professor Layton game to cme out.

T-What3400d ago

The only think I'm getting is Leisure suit Larry, yippee