Destructoid: GDC 09: Hands-on Fat Princess

Destructoid writes: "This is the only thing which has me even slightly hesitant, however, and only encourages me to preach the gospel of Fat Princess. Honestly, this preview is only scratching the surface of this deep, deep game. I'm highly eager to have the opportunity to play on a team with a dozen other people. We still haven't heard a release date yet but have been told that the game is very close to release as the team is doing some final polish. If the demo level I played is any indication, there isn't going to be much time at all until I'm making sweet, sweet love to my Fat Princess again".

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40cal3525d ago

mmmmm cake.

Just wondering how much cake this chick can eat, are there cranes in the game?

aldesko3525d ago

I just realized PSN has some real quality games and looks to be getting more.

This game looks really fun =)