GDC: Career Tips from Fallout 3's Lead

Edge Online Writes: Bethesda Softworks' Emil Pagliarulo, the lead writer and designer for the hit RPG Fallout 3, recognizes the importance of not being an asshole.

It's one of the qualities that he says will help would-be development professionals get into the games industry.

"We say at Bethesda we have a low asshole quotient," Pagliarulo said during a GDC session that outlined how he started a career in the games industry.

"The game industry is very small, and if you're an asshole today they're going to remember you six years later."

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cactuschef3546d ago

I thought the article was about career tips for Fallout 3, like what perks are better than others, and cool tips like that.

But it was a good read regardless.

Lookbehind3545d ago

The sony boys and girls will remember you six years from now a$$ hole.