Portable Gamer Review: Bailout Bonanza

The Portable Gamer writes:

"I wouldn't look to this game for much of a challenge; I consider it more of a bit of performance art, to be honest. I recommend this game for the low price tag as well as my own inclination to support the underdog and stick it to the man. This game let's you vote with your dollar, but buying a game that someone at Apple may have felt was too controversial. Then you get to play it and feel all smug and superior to the Greedy Guy at the top of the screen. Unless, of course, you just GOT a bailout from the US Government, and this just makes you feel all guilty, you slimeball.

This game sat in App Store approval limbo for weeks, but we're glad to be able to bring our review to you right away."

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roblef3222d ago

Performance art, indeed, at the very affordable $.99 price point!

CrAppleton3222d ago

Wow.. performance art for 99 cents? Count me in!

Neco5123222d ago

Geegoly that's amazing!

CrAppleton3222d ago

oh.. wait.. I don't have an iPhone. Dammit!

Neco5123222d ago

Yeah, not much point in this for you then, no iPhone = Loser

CrAppleton3222d ago

Or it could also mean that I don't have a sh!t ton of money to spend on a phone. :D

Neco5123222d ago

So many great iPhone games out there. The superphone!

killyourfm3222d ago

I'd REALLY love to hear from the developer - or from Apple directly - why this game took over a month to be approved. Are they that shy with games of a political nature, even if it's humorous?

TriforceLightning3221d ago

This is the game that would make Wario proud.