PROTOTYPE 'Top 10 Reasons' Trailer

GamersDigest writes;

"PROTOTYPE, Activision's latest action blockbuster, is set in NY City where the games' anti-hero, Alex Mercer, searches for the truth to his past while battling against the public, military and hordes of infected zombies.

Alex, a military experiment out of control, has the ability to absorb and morph into any other character found within the game to get the information and skills he needs to overcome the enemy."

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spunnups3552d ago

That was a RUSH! I"m gonna have to get this AND inFAMOUS! 2 different games. inFAMOUS for it's engaging story and replay value, and Prototype because it's what GTAIV should have been!!

- Ghost of Sparta -3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

These graphics are unacceptable. Seriously.

If it gets good reviews I'll rent it. I only want InFamous in June.

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WildArmed3552d ago

I'm glad to be a ps3 owner..
Infamous and Prototype!
(this video has official made me wanting more of proto)
I dont care if the graphics suck, I plenty of games with unbelievable graphics.. If the gameplay is great, im getting proto (as it seems atm , the gameplay looks awesome!)

Montrealien3552d ago

You know, that was a great trailer for what is looking to be a great multiplat open world game. And the first 3 comments are from sony "enthusiasts" comparing it to a great looking game by sucker punch that I will be getting for sure.

get over it, they both look great. Are you "enthusiasts" so insacure that you always have to compare a great looking game, to another great looking game on the console you happen to be an "enthusiast" of? Same thing happened with Pure, always comparing it to motorstorm 2 which BTW are two great racers I happen to own.

get over yourselves, gaming is not about comparing one console to the other all the time, you guys have no idea what being a gamer is, you are nothing but brand wh*res imho.

sonarus3552d ago

yea but graphics aren't everything. Its basically a remake of Hulk ultimate destruction with a different player. I spotted 2 new moves from hulk ultimate destruction in there. The power bomb and the super move are hulk moves.

The main guy also seems overly powerful which is cool if you're the hulk but as a guy in a hoody its kinda random. In the end should be a good game though

original seed3552d ago

I think im leaning towards infamous only because my PS3 has been very lonely lately. I'll wait for the reviews because they seem so similar.

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thewhoopimen3552d ago

feels very aracadey to me..leaning toward that being a bad thing. The debris that you blow up disappear before they hit the ground... literally. That and I just don't know any gun that would make a person bounce AND fly 6 stories into the air. The soldier deception is pretty cool but if i were in that military, I would identify b4 shooting... Or better yet... look at what my IFF sensor reads. Isn't that standard for all military these days to differentiate friend from foe? Finally there isn't a Parkour element ... given in #2. You can literally run up walls or fly up... so how is that parkour? Infamous's characters displays parkour.

RememberThe3573552d ago

This game looks bad ass. Day one.

Shepherd 2143552d ago

what does graphics matter if its fun and you can tell whats going on? People are so shallow this gen, last gen it was all about fun, now its uptight, nitpicking sour pusses who think a game is judged by its graphics alone. I forgot looking at a games visuals first and foremost made it fun. sorry.

bpac1234567893552d ago

IT's not all about graphics but graphics add to immersion. It really makes you feel like your there when the graphics to the game are top notched. For example anyone who's played killzone 2 picture that with horrible graphics and horrible sound, would you still have as much fun?
And to everyone that's hating on this game, its misplaced. This game looks great and could easily rival infamous (just not in graphics). But i won't be getting it because it reminds me too much of Hulk Ultimate Destruction.

Nelson M3552d ago

The first Reason sold it to me
Never mind the other 9

Dmitry Orlov3552d ago

Day one. Without question.

And about that statement "...gimped 360 graphics and DVD9..." - you saw CryEngine3 working on 360 and Gears2. Trying to get yourself more bubbles by showing yourself as a hypocrite sucks, trust me.

crillyconlig3552d ago

no is yet to see an actual game using the engine yet

thats_just_prime3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

The graphics in the game are actually really good for an open world like like this. ghost of fangirl is only talking crap about it cause its not a ps3 exclusive.

Here so pics check out the level of in them and on the 2nd look at how many people are running around. This game looks amazing. Unless they some how screw up the controls I dont see how this game wont be a must have game. I think it could easily be in the running for goty

DaTruth3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

Graphics aren't everything! Technically it looks horrible, but it does look like a lot of fun! Looks like the GTA of superhero games.

Maybe I'll get them both, but if I have to choose, It's Infamous for the win! Those PSN videos really sealed the deal with Infamous.

LoVeRSaMa3552d ago

Prototype and InFamous for me.

Prototype may have bad GFX, but this game is pure Gameplay, smash and trash, I need a game like that =]

InFamous will also be pretty cool, Cannot wait!

red5ive3552d ago

u wanna live in a world where video games look the same all the time? i'm sorry but personally, i want to see better graphics with each gen. the progress of technology should be shown in video games. any game can have a hundred things happen on one screen at the same time, but to make it look good and beautiful while having that is another challenge. anyways, prototype looks great! i don't think the graphics look like crap at all. infamous or prototype?....... F it! BOTH!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3551d ago

This trailer was awesome, the gameplay is awesome.... So why the heck can't i bring myself to like this game. My freaking goodness its something i can't put my finger on that just makes this game so..... unappealing.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3551d ago

This game reminds me of spider-man. Those games sucked. Swing through the city at high speeds and beating the crap out of enemies was fun for a while but it got old.

When i see prototype i see the same thing. Flying running and hopping all over town and beating up enemies...but then it seems like it'll get old. Hope it doesn't. Meh i'm pretty sure it's just a psychological thing. Seeing a similarity in the gameplay and assuming it'll be exactly like spider-man isn't logical in the least. I'm sure this game'll be fun.

Dragun6193551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

You know what?
Its a Win Win for PS3 owners as we can either choose Prototype or InFamous or you can just get both.


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DavidMacDougall3552d ago

I like the karma system in infamous it will keep things interesting kinda like Fallout 3.

This looks like its going to be an another spiderman game where jumping around gets boring quick and its always the same enemies you'll fight but its fun for awhile

JokesOnYou3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

but the last few vids from Prototype have been kickass, inFamous looks cool but Prototype definitely owns for me with its "IN YOUR FACE" action, and fast pace go anywhere gameplay. It reminds me of that Hulk game I played on xbox years ago, mixed with that run & gun crackdown flavor, and yeah alot of spiderman also, only much better with the badass shape-shifting type moves, and assuming your victims identity is sick. I haven't played either games obviously but based on the vids alone Prototype looks alot more fun, I'll keep checking both games and of course the reviews prior to launch but either way I'm sure I'll at least rent infamous.


WildArmed3552d ago

as much as I like Infamous.
Dont lock your self out of a great game.
Get both when u have the chance.
I already preorder Infamous (fully paid).. now imma go preorder prototype.. the video was awesome!
Imma get both, i dont wanna be left out of great scarce sandbox games.
(GTA IV wasnt my type, but these games have me wanting mroe!)

n to the b3552d ago

well I won't bother trying to watch the trailer from this crap computer.

a year or more ago it seems there was an early Prototype trailer on XBL and I don't remember it looking bad. I DO remember it rocked my speakers hard with the sounds - just awesome.

but then again, the Kane & Lynch trailers looked/sounded awesome, too. fortunately I never wasted $ on that, waited for reviews 1st.

I'm going to re-download that older trailer and see if it looks like Wii graphics...

DavidMacDougall3552d ago

I get what your saying it could be good but i don't like buying to many games and the story from inFAMOUS, the gameplay and just the look are more appealing to me. But just like a whole bunch of games last and this year ill just wait till their cheaper (RE5, BIA:HH, MERCS2, etc)

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Cajun Chicken3552d ago

F**king hell. I really, really, really want this game. This is like a gory Crackdown meets Destroy all Humans.

Prototype and Infamous are both worthy opponents. Only one machine can play both, you know what it it, no competition there, not from me anyway, I have been planning on getting both since I first heard of each game. Summer is going to be a sandbox stunner of a time.

This could honestly be the best gaming year for me EVER.

xabmol3552d ago

Team ICO, U2, R&C, GoW, duh. lol xD

Black Maverick3552d ago

I keep telling people don't sleep on Prototype. Even though I'm more excited for Infamous, I will definitely be picking this up as well. Infamous for the story and gameplay and Prototype for just pure carnage and fun.

farhsa20083552d ago

prototype for the fun factor, infamous for the graphics.