Will Live Streaming Really Kill All Consoles?

How many times have we heard that some new technology is going to kill off something that has been around for years.

TV will kill radio, video will kill cinemas, these predictions rarely come true.

This article looks at why live streaming and consoles may be the exception, in a very non tech way.

Forget the console wars; consoles may really all be doomed.

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KionicWarlord2223369d ago

well guess these articles wont end till we find out if they will...KILL ALL CONSOLES.

No FanS Land3369d ago

Everybody's just flipping because of onLive. Although I raise my hat to them for thinking of such a different approach at gaming. anyway I won't use this service for 2 reasons. I like owning the product I bought on Hdd that is mine (if DD bought) or the physical media. second reason: bandwith caps.

MNicholas3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

The writer claims that there's no obvious weakness and that the only chance for hardware (like consoles and graphics cards) lie with "irrational" human behavior. Obviously this person is not capable of basic arithmetic.

From a game publisher's standpoint, the cost to deliver 30 hours of high definition gameplay to the customer.

DVD or Blu-Ray: $1
Streaming: $30

How is that profitable?

s8anicslayer3369d ago

It will be years before consoles die, and it wont be because of onlive, it will be because sony, nintendo, microsoft abandoned the console business for live streaming.

michellejbuss3369d ago

I never said their were no weaknesses.

Are you willing to swear that your costings will be true for evermore? Set in stone are they?

Future proof? Wow.

MNicholas3368d ago

in response to:

"I never said their were no weaknesses."

Here's a quote from your article in which you say:

Quote: "The streaming of video games, however, does not seem to have any immediate flaws that will save our consoles."

Nothing personal ... just pointing out the obvious.

$1 (disc) vs $30 (streaming). That's a pretty big difference. I don't see the cost of high end hosting being reduced by 97% in the near future ... do you?

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Pennywise3369d ago

Simple answer: no.

Too many fees involved.

michellejbuss3369d ago

Top article but the thing is Onlive who have spent millions of dollars and seven years researching the idea say it is possible. Shouldn't they know?

morganfell3369d ago

OnLive is naturally going to disagree. But invested money is no sign of success. History is replete with such disasters.

"The Phantom has controversy in both the gaming and business worlds due to the constant pushing back of its release date and a number of financial scandals involving Phantom Entertainment. Phantom Entertainment has lost more than $62.7 million since its creation in its efforts to create the Phantom Console."

The problem with the Phantom is how hard it charges into the face of common sense. Look I am all about "thinking outside the box" and using the invisible crayon to color outside the lines" but there is a point where you have to tell someone to put the hash pipe down.

There is also nothing they can do when the infrastructure just doesn't support it.

SIX3369d ago

Can't Sony restrict there first party games to only play on PS3's? To me Sony's first party developers is reason enough to keep buying Playstations.

michellejbuss3369d ago

Yeah I suppose in the short term that is a good point. If consoles begin to become redundant though then so will Sony first party developers.

Bioboy3369d ago

Nothing will ever replace my lovely, shiny black box.

HaloHead3369d ago

Yeah you probably have it in the middle of the room in a glass display cabinet.

Bioboy3369d ago

If I did at least it would be worth looking at.

HaloHead3369d ago

Yeah, yeah it is very pretty which is just as well since so few of the games are worth actually playing.

TheColbertinator3369d ago

Hahahaha PS3 has no games? You must still be living in 2007 XD

While you're back there,tell me how HD-DVD will win

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