PlayStation Home Xi update - March 27

PS3-Sense writes: "It is a new day and that means that "Xi" in PlayStation Home again updated. Unfortunately, no new puzzles that you can solve, but there are a few things others added."

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No FanS Land3547d ago

Nice, should give it a try soon.

Off topic: I can't help it but each time I look at this logo I think of Mudvayne's New CD: the new game.

villevalorox3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

so wait. the puzzles can only be done when sony allows em? So there is no way to unlock the 2nd task form stapler? (think thats the bots name lol ) that is until sony unlocks it??? I'm confused.

Sarick3547d ago

The one that ask you Jess's fav band.

The info is hidden somewhere.

DavidMacDougall3547d ago what you get if you figure out the code in her documents.

Automatic is her fav band and MAGNUSMAGNUS is what you get if you name the pictures correctly

whoelse3547d ago

There are two Stapler tasks right now.

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Socomer 19793547d ago

theres 2 quest
Jess fave band THEAUTOMATIC

THE Postcard search is

the 0101010010 code

I should delete this post and leave you guys confused and lost in the source.

villevalorox3547d ago

lol. I'm not even going to bother with HOME xi. its way too hard.

Menchi3547d ago

You'd confuse them more at the moment, as you've put the codes the wrong way round =P

MagnusMagnus comes from the Postcard

Vanessa Atlanta from the Hex code

Sangria3547d ago

There IS a new "puzzle" game coming with this Xi update, you just have to use your brain ;)

Socomer 19793547d ago

in miguels blog he mentioned his fearless leader is playing the same album over & over. Jess is the leader.
he named the song.
take the name & use the blackle search engine upstairs on the computers stations.
the results: automatic or the automatic.

My girlfriend actually figured that out. Sorry baby.
LOL! Menchi, thats what happens when you try to take someone else credit.

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