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thebudgetgamer  +   2511d ago
nothing should change
i personaly want to see raiden rescue sunny. and a little more into his backstory as a child soldier.

Super-Brad  +   2511d ago
It was perfect, i just want a bit longer gameplay maybe 2 hours or so.
Flipgeneral  +   2511d ago
No more pervness
Seriously, they were on the borderline of crossing the perv factor. I could not play this game in front of my godson's. They really need to tone that shiz down
thebudgetgamer  +   2511d ago
there was alot of female flesh to be looked at. naomi has some of the best cleavage in any game, and with her constant half open shirts its hard to resist

cactuschef  +   2511d ago
The game was pervy? Really? I don't think so. I would be more worried about children watching the violence in MGS4 than the cleavage that was in the game.
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RememberThe357  +   2511d ago
Dude it's rated M
If you can't show MGS4 to your godsons you could show most games to your godsons. So I fail to see what the issue is with MGS4.
Mr Tretton  +   2511d ago
So cleavage is inappropriate but intense violence is ok?

Let me guess...are you American?
jammy_70  +   2511d ago
apart from that everything is perfect!!!!
Fulensenca  +   2511d ago
I' m absolutly convicted
That Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is the best experience I have had in about 23 years of playing videogames.

I just want to see the next game of this brand as Ps3 exclusive again. I just want to see Kojima focused just on a sistem ( everyone knows that the most of the better games on the market are exclusive, a this worth for every system on the market ).
chasegamez2  +   2511d ago
speed it up
neogeo  +   2511d ago
Metal gear is fantastic. They just need to upgrade the engine a bit and stream the game. The installs were Epic. installing the game 2 times before you can complete the game. A 5 gig install for the first half and another 5 gigs for the second half. Also the ending draged on for days, the whole wedding with the tranny at the end should have been dropped. We are men and don't need love and tranny weddings.
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Super-Brad  +   2511d ago
It's nice to have a happy ending in some sort.
GraySnake  +   2511d ago
i love how..
people dont relize that the installs where a joke, most of them take 2 minutes, and if you look at the hdd led light , it stays solid most of the time..... when most games install it filckers really fast. But in regards to the article, ABSOUTLY FRICKING NOTHING SHOULD CHANGE, cause MGS4 is the GREATEST GAME EVER imo. i think that the next game will feture riaden and his story after mgs2.
neogeo  +   2511d ago
I like bad endings
I love movies and games were the world ends and people die. Im getting jaded to seeing the same thing always. I would love for Snake to rape his clone daughter and blow his brans out in the end, but not before killing everyone he knows and loves first. Just think of the look on gamers faces around the planet! lol
Super-Brad  +   2511d ago
Your a very messed up person indeed.
neogeo  +   2511d ago
I hit agree. lol
deshon09  +   2511d ago
raiden and some sweet ninja stuff but the cyborg raiden not the old him
cayal  +   2511d ago
If it is about Raiden and Sunny it will be both MGS2 Raiden and MGS4 Raiden.
bpac123456789  +   2511d ago
I gotta disagree with this article, i don't want them to focus more on gamplay than the story. The story is what makes mgs such a great game, It's alright if they shorten the story, that doesn't mean you have to focus on it less. But everything else i agree with especially a revamped online system, the one in mgs4 is a headache to put it nicely (but it was fun once you got past all the rodeblocks). Not being able to log in with the same psn id used for every other game is unacceptable.
ActionBastard  +   2511d ago
What should change?
The assumption it will be multiplatform.
No FanS Land  +   2511d ago
A remake of the original MG back on the MSX, then what became the snes port.
giovonni  +   2511d ago
I want them to focus
On more game play and less time on the cut scenes. inter graded them with the game play that whole 10 minutes of play 30 minutes of cut scenes really killed my flow for the game... Notice I said my flow
Thoreau  +   2511d ago
less story,
more stealthy azz whooping
Kushan  +   2511d ago
Platform exclusivity should change!

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Darrius Cole  +   2511d ago
Metal Gear Solid needs only one change
Snake's I-pod should read your PS3 music folder and allow you to play the songs on your hard drive. Other than that nothing should change.

Even the installs were good, because the game was right it was time for a break.
SlaughterMeister  +   2511d ago
I want:
More gameplay time, same amount of cutscene time. I LOVE the cutscenes, the characters are my favourite of any series.

And I want my biggest pet peeve of MGS4 fixed: THE CODEC!

There need to be more people to call (Why couldn't I call Raiden? Even if I can't, why wasn't his name on my list?) and saving through the Codec, instead of by a menu(!!!!!!)

Sunny should have been the one you call! "Hey S-S-S-Snake! You wanna save?"

Plus, why don't the characters say anything weird if you keep calling? (Aside from Otacan's "You're the s***, Snake!" speech.) Rose should get mad and call you a pervert if you keep calling her and shaking the controller to make her breasts jiggle. It just didn't feel like the traditional Metal Gear Codec.

They even could have had a part where Liquid calls you and taunts you. That would have been awesome!

And what about Drebin? Remember in the older games when you had someone you could call and they would tell you all about your weapon? He could have given you insight into the PMC's you're currently fighting, or anything!

SleekDeF  +   2511d ago
stealth samurai gun blazing action
primordialmeme  +   2511d ago
Hopefully MGS5 returns to more a political style.
MGS4 was not political or philosophical enough, unlike MGS2 and MGS3 which had lots of political dialogue in the cutscenes. MGS2 talked about digital control, censorship, human purpose, and the evolution of ideas. Then MGS3 went in depth about the triviality of the Cold War, cultural differences, and war profiteering. MGS4 didn't have much to chew on politically. It simply relied on it's premise of total war control, and it didn't do hardly anything to expound upon the evils of the war economy. Besides the opening scene where snake talks about the nature of war, it just didn't do anything to connect itself to real world issues.
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anti-gamer  +   2511d ago
'Putting less emphasis on story would also mean less cut scenes and overly long dialogues' ....WTF i dont agree Make the cut scenes short that well not be MGS it well be anther game cut scenes is what Make MGS a lagend and Make you well now abut the characters in the game.

and every true MGS fan dont want cut scenes to be short even the haters call it move i dont care what they think they know nothing abut MGS that include who wright these s**t.
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unid3ntifi3d  +   2511d ago
if there's a hdd install, make it one time only.
infamous-butcher  +   2511d ago
5th huh
ummetal gear and metal gear 2 solid snake didnt count as a metal gear game? this new game wont be a part of the mgs series (ie not about solid snake) and it will be the 7th game not the 5th.

"The next Metal Gear game shouldn't have a convoluted and complicated story by filling it with twists and conspiracies like the last one"
huh, thaes what makes a metal gear game different from all the other medioker games out there. it makes you think and it surprises you when you just think you know what going on.
"Putting less emphasis on story" will mean a mor dull game, thats like watching a movie without the sond on for half of it.
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heyheyhey  +   2510d ago
absolutely nothing.. MGS4 was the nearest gaming has come to perfection in my opinion

although they need to do some work on MGO.. no more Konami ID crap and better matchmaking
truehunter  +   2510d ago
I hope they stay as 3rd person shooting action steal. I dont like 1st person view as much.
FXPatriot_01  +   2510d ago
Stuff they forgot about from 2 and 3
They need to add back some of the critical elements that made MGS2 and MGS3 so good but left out for MGS4. Like the ability to shoot out ceiling lights in MGS2 and being able to shoot soldiers in certain parts of the body which rendered that arm or leg useless. Remember shooting a soldier in the leg on the tanker deck and him limping away? OR how about shooting the portable radio with your dart gun so they can't call for back up?! Where was that in MGS4?!

Also, the whole eating animals thing in MGS3 was awesome. It needs to come back for MGS5, especially if we are going to learn about how Raiden learned to track animals and all that.

Environments need to be semi destructable and a night/day system would make MGS5 so much more in depth and strategic

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