GDC Rumor Roundup We take a look at how some of the rumors that surfaced last weekend held up during GDC. Some were busted, some are too soon to tell, some confirmed, and some only partially true. Also keep in mind we still have one more day of GDC remaining.


There is a new Jak and Daxter game in development for PSP, and PS2 as well apparently. Another rumor partially confirmed.

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xabmol3469d ago

2?! TWO?! DOS?! MORE THAN 1?!

"One of them is Shadow of the Colossus Online."

*grabs desk and ejaculates in a loud obscene manor*

PS3istheshit3468d ago

i usually jak off to girls but if u wanna do it to some aliens then u feel free to do that

xabmol3468d ago

I was actually thinking about ponchos and wooden sticks. xD

PS3istheshit3468d ago

im arroused
and wen im arroused, imma have to cut yo balls mang

3468d ago
xabmol3467d ago

It was just the mental image of having 2 (as in more than 1) new Team ICO games in my PS3 this year that made me so immensely overwhelmed with joy that I just...

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Mcrmarcher3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )


I like were this conversation is going...alright!

bviperz3467d ago

are too funny. Thanks for the morning laugh! I'll be singing that song all day now. Where's my grapes....