Punch-Out!! will have many unlockables, Wii disc space was a problem

Kensuke Tanabe, Producer of Punch-Out!!, discusses the extras in the game as well as the lack of disc space the team had to overcome.

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Product3369d ago

Haha, wouldnt that be funny if one of the unlockables was for you to be able to fight in the pink sweatsuit?

ChickeyCantor3369d ago

Would be cool if they let you unlock the Super Punchout version =o...

Product3369d ago

super punchout is coming out on vc this monday in NA so i doubt that would happen.

sticky doja3369d ago

It would be the best if you could unlock Mike Tyson!

Product3369d ago

oh my if Mike Tyson or Mr Dream is an unlockable that would be harcore fan service right there.

SinnedNogara3369d ago

Sounds very cool. I just wish it had ONLINE MULTIPLAYER.

ChickeyCantor3369d ago

But product, that isnt making sense, Punch out for the nes was already released for VC so why not super punchout in this game?

Product3368d ago

@ sidar
just from a business stand point i would not think they would make a virtual console game an unlockable item. Before this Super Punchout was an unlockable in the boxing game Fight Night(i think thats the name of the game) so who knows.

Mini Mario3368d ago

"Would be cool if they let you unlock the Super Punchout version =o... "

Agreed, however here in australia i just downloaded last night anyway. (as it came on the VC last week)

ChickeyCantor3368d ago

IM bnot talking about the VC release XD
Im taking about the actuall Super punch-out story.

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ChickeyCantor3369d ago

360 games use 9gb and developers have issues sometimes with it.
If they are using the single layer disc than expand to 9gb? ( dual layer)
...but still pretty awesome.

cmacdonald3369d ago

I think the 360 dvd is limited to 7.2 GB with security, the Wii can probably have more on the disk than a 360 can.

Kushan3369d ago

Remember when smash bros came out and a lot of Wiis wouldn't play the game? Apparently that's because it was the first Wii game to use a DL DVD. Apparently a few months later, Nintendo told developers that DL disks would no longer be allowed, because the Wii's DVD drive wasn't very good with them.

I've got no proof of this, it was one of my old work colleagues (Who does Wii development) that told me this.

Seferoth753368d ago

I dont see that. I think Nintendo just shipped some bad units. Not everyone had the problem. I sent mine off and noticed on the inventory log online that there was a 75.00 charge for parts. According to them though, my lens just needed to be cleaned. If it was really just a dusty lens I see no reason for the 75.00 charge(which they waived of course.), I think they just gave me a new laser diode.

Smacktard3369d ago

“We packed the disc to the brim and there were a few things we had to leave out because there wasn’t any space left. We are the first internal Nintendo dev team to come across this problem with the Wii’s dvd, so you are def. getting a lot.”

Uhh... what about Brawl?

chasegarcia3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

If only he could of used blueray technology

Gam713369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

I haven't heard of that.

If only they could've used Blu-ray?

Gam713369d ago

Just getting in there before the SDF.

Mini Mario3368d ago

"If only he could of used blueray technology "

Then it would have been more expensive (the wii)

TruthbeTold3369d ago

How is it that the 360 runs HD games on a DVD, but a non-RPG Wii game gave the developers space problems? No joke. The game must be PACKED with extras.

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