A Closer Look At The Games of RPG Maker 2000/2003

TGH writes:
"Created in Japan by ASCII and Enterbrain, and the personal computer version translated by Russian developer Don Miguel, "RPG Maker 2000? is a program originally made to use it's combined database of systems, sprite-sets, music tracks and more to develop a role-playing game. For the PC version, the user is capable of using Paint and the mapbuilder to create new spirte-sets, maps, battle system animations, and even more to create your own style of game. It was released in early 1995 to a English-speaking public, and sparking the flames of a large community spread over the world. Originally seen in French and German sites, the English translation hung around for some time until forums started to pop up, positioning itself as a basic means to create role-playing games. Nowadays, that is still true, but has become more than that through innovative designers, custom work, and a penchant to see a specific system make platformers.

For a long time, the independent gaming community..."

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