Radeon HD 4890 to launch for 239 Euros

Fudzilla: "Pricing is usually a live thing that can change up to the last moment and we've heard that Radeon HD 4890 might launch at least 10 Euros cheaper than we've all expected.

Furthermore, it is expected that GTX 275 product might end up faster than two, but at the same time people who are selling both Nvidia and ATI believe that Nvidia's GTX 275 will be a PR product and rather hard to come by, and it is quite clear that GTX 275 will be more expensive of two."

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Agent VX3402d ago

I have the 4870 and the card absolutely rocks, especially for the money. Crysis and Empire: Total War is easily handled by this card, so I could imagine the 4890 is a supercharged version.

Running 2 4890's in a crossfire configuration would be mindblowing.

zaz123402d ago

i will build a new pc at the end of this year and this could be a good choice for me.