Video Games Live: A Gamer's Dream Concert

GrE writes, "Video game music tends to be ignored in the world of the realistic video game. Gamers always talk about the realistic graphics and story, but forget that the music really lends to the full experience of the game. You can't honestly tell me that you can't recognize many of the classic games that we all played by a small snippet of the song."

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CrAppleton3470d ago

This looks so bad ass! I want to go next time they're in town

bgrundman3470d ago

Check their tour schedule online.

reluctant_gamer3470d ago

You'd better get moving... They are coming tomorrow!

CrAppleton3470d ago

HOLY CRAP! They're going to be here in Austin tomorrow??? Jebus! How did I miss that?

reluctant_gamer3470d ago

Drinking too much to record a podcast.

Neco5123470d ago

Yeah, you drink too much @CrAppleton, that's how you missed it

Pain3469d ago

May 18 edmonton , Im there

Cosplaying as Akatsuki :D

o o
o O

KKanjiAnkh3469d ago

I went to the show here in K.C, great show, my friend N8's animation, opened the show, with his video, Yuri My Only One. I will gladly take, great music over the graphics, anyday.


vickers5003469d ago

Yeah they are pretty fun. Anybody go to the one in Austin last year and see that guy fail and embarrass himself at space invaders? Don't yell to go up on stage if you aren't a real gamer, lol.

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bgrundman3470d ago

I have been to two different shows. They were both amazing!

reluctant_gamer3470d ago

Video games + Orchestra, what could be better?

Neco5123470d ago

this looks amazing! I'll have to check it out too

killyourfm3470d ago

Now THIS is the kind of videogame writing I dig.

#1: Written by a woman. Bonus points :-)
#2: Totally opened my eyes to a performance I never knew existed.

And dear lord, that's an impressive list of games...


Anon19743469d ago

It was freakn fantastic! I've got 4 tickets again for when they come back in May. Can't wait!

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