Guitar Hero gets Queen and James Bond

OXM UK writes: "Guitar Hero: World Tour has been bolstered by a Queen Track Pack and the James Bond Theme as DLC.

The Queen Track Pack has Fat Bottomed Girls, C-Lebrity and We Are The Champions. Each song costs 160 points individually while the pack will set you back 440 points.

In the meantime, we have the James Bond theme, performed by Richard Fortus. It costs 160 points and you can see the in-game song here..."

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FreeMonk3524d ago

We wait years for a Queen track pack and we get these 3 songs!? Where's the proper rock anthems we want? 3 songs made for Guitar Hero and Rock Band are:

Tear it up
One Vision
and of course.........WE WILL ROCK YOU!!!!!

C-lebrity!? (WTF?) Fat Bottomed Girls (Not too bad) & We are the Champions (again, not to bad), but we want 'OH MY GOD', not 'Mehh!', especially with how much GH packs are!

XLiveGamer3524d ago

Queen its going to sell a lot.

now i want a "Rage Against the Machine" pack!

EnglishPatriot3524d ago

If your going to have Queen track pack at least include Dont Stop Me Now.