PlayStation Blog - God of War Developer Interview #5 - Battle Director Adam Poole Answers Your Questions

From PlayStation Blog - Jeff Rubenstein // Social Media Manager

Here it is, our 5th and final God of War III developer interview of the week, and my personal favorite. The man with the coolest title in gaming, "Battle Director" talks damage dealing, weapons, and the influence of fighting games on the world of God of War. His descriptions of combos and, well, violence are vivid and fun; so this video is a little longer than the other ones. I don't think you'll mind.

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Flipfito3546d ago

in every interview he always looks at the camera in a awkward way at the most unexpected times

SupaPlaya3546d ago

to look at the camera kekeke...

Bonyi3546d ago

His name is Puhl, not Poole..

Offical Playstation Blog..