GDC09: Fat Princess offers single-player story, planned for Summer

Additional details regarding Fat Princess' single-player modes have been revealed at GDC. "Gladiator" mode pits you against wave after wave of enemies using a fully-leveled character. "The Legend Of The Fat Princess" is a more traditional single-player offering, featuring a story that explains how cake came to the realm. This mode is more like the multiplayer gameplay you've seen before, but against AI bots.

The developers are aiming for a Summer release, with some final tweaks currently in the works. It's a bit later than the expected February release, but it should be worth the wait.

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meepmoopmeep3554d ago

"i love you like a fat kid love cake"

Hotdang3554d ago

"i love you like a fat princess loves cake"

remanutd553554d ago

thats a suprised to me , i thought the game would be multiplayer only , oh well very nice indeed , i hope the next warhawk comes with a single player campaign too , thats would be like ... awesome!!!!!!

iHEARTboobs3554d ago

Sounds good. I'm all over this game. I want it already. How much do you guys think it will cost?