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Video of banned Xbox Live 'sex-rated' game

OXM UK writes: "Break One Out was the first ever 'sex-rated' Xbox Live Community game on Marketplace and could well be the last, judging by the speed with which Microsoft removed it.

Fortunately, in the name of 'research', a few people in our office managed to snag a copy of Break One Out before Microsoft moved in to clear up the evidence..." (Xbox 360)

SasanovaS777  +   2387d ago
im sorry but god dam, that bich is ugly as shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii7
Pennywise  +   2387d ago
Why put effort into a game like that using fat ugly chicks? wow, my eyes are bleeding.
BulletToothtony  +   2386d ago
i guess you're one of those anorexic curve-less with no ass fan huh... there's nothing like a woman with a nice curvy ass..

Yes i like them fit, bought i'd take that "fat" chick over mary kate or ashley for that matter
KLEPTOMANIAC  +   2386d ago
i guess beggers CAN be choosers LOL.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2386d ago
Beauty is subjective....
..but that was one disgusting mass of flesh! YUUUUUUUCKK!
Pennywise  +   2387d ago
Honestly, those chicks were gross.
Mr_Bun  +   2387d ago
I think they were the same fat chick over and over
Fox01  +   2386d ago
How can I UNSEE that!?
-PINNER-  +   2386d ago
thelastawakening  +   2386d ago
GAG!!! omg I think I just puked a little
Flipfito  +   2386d ago
Not bad body tho...
thelastawakening  +   2386d ago
ya if you like rump roast
Megaton  +   2386d ago
You know that whole "sex sells" thing? Yeah, you're doing it wrong. Sea cows need not apply.
Arsenic13  +   2386d ago
Good to see MS doesn't only get rid of gay content(Profile info) even though it had to be this drastic for them to care.

Time to make a variation of pong with a D.
n to the b  +   2386d ago
agree. hypocrites, all of them. do the people who made the outburst to get this shut down realize there is basically 'softcore' for download in the movies Marketplace (try The Center of the World to see a girl do a cool trick with a lollipop)? :)

of course, I'd then wonder if Community Games content can be filtered by parents like full games and movies can. not that this worthless "article" answers any useful questions like that...
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Slinger420  +   2386d ago
Wow, that was such a waste of my time. I thought it would at least be half good.
NegativeCreep427  +   2386d ago
Hey you guys in the Gamer Zone, stop bagging on the big chicks!!!
They're just a little chubby. Big Girls Need Lovin' Too...I'm just not the one who's going to give it to em'

Any Takers???

More Cushion for the Pushin' Boys!!!!
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2385d ago
Sir Ken_Kutaragi  +   2386d ago
'Knock one out' sounds better
360_Rules  +   2386d ago
I bet you like this on the PS3! :D
shadow-sentinel  +   2386d ago

Enough said.
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n to the b  +   2386d ago
worthless "article". how about a little info on what took place here? I'd like to know what kind of puritanical, hypocritical outburst closed this down please. I'd also like to know whether you, as a parent, can restrict the community games content as you can with full games and movies.
Godmars290  +   2386d ago
So MS knew that the game was coming, it was advertised in a sense, but then they took it down almost - *ALMOST* - as soon as it was up?

Somethings not right.
Parapraxis  +   2386d ago

lol. There goes that argument.
oddman76  +   2386d ago
not bad
hey come on guys im sure if you were given that on a plate you would take it its not tha bad!! i know i would!!
The_Beast  +   2386d ago
close your eye
and close the video and look at some hot chicks and it should go away
shaunempire  +   2386d ago
Wow...an 80's game over a picture of a fat chick..


I bet the PS3 version would use some hot japanese girls though.

my apologies for you guys that like fat chicks.. maybe you will get your dream puff..
Blakzhuk  +   2386d ago
Where's the ugly fat chick everyone was screaming about?
ZeroBlitz  +   2386d ago
Second video, dude.
Blakzhuk  +   2386d ago
I can only guess that there are a bunch of 12 year old virgins in this thread. It only makes sense given the comments.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2386d ago
So MS caved into the whiners eh??

MS grow a pair!

This is censorship in the name of protecting children. It's the new thang! Don't like something, say it hurts children and bam! While these same people have their bondage gear and dildo's in the top drawer waiting for jr. to fall asleep.

Anyone "disgusted" by the human form with no cloths on have some serious issues.
KingDragunov  +   2386d ago
WeaseL  +   2386d ago
(º) (º)
So thats why they invented paper bags.
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lost2  +   2386d ago
did they use the same chick on all the pictures
they could at least had more girls in it
Also the pics look cheap like they were shot on a disposable camera
Magnus  +   2386d ago
With a vid of her no wonder the game is banned now i got to go wash my eyes out with soap.
Kevzin  +   2385d ago
Can I get my 2 mins back No
no_more_trolling  +   2385d ago
all homos in here

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