The Escapist Review: Resistance: Retribution

The Escapist writes: "The Resistance series is one of the most cynical brands in the videogame world. It reeks of focus group testing, plays it safe to the point of boredom and the series' premise is as uninspired as its gameplay. It's no small wonder then that Resistance: Retribution, a presumably modest entry on the PSP, manages to breathe life into this corpse of a franchise. I don't mean to imply Resistance: Retribution is in some way a groundbreaking re-imagining of the series - it isn't. But it is an example of first-rate craftsmanship. It's a refreshing reminder of just how good a game can be despite tired trappings and familiar gameplay. Resistance: Retribution is a confident, cohesive gem of a game that deserves everyone's attention."

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