Buying Things that are on your Disc Already

Gamer Limit writes: "Every now and again I like to think that, on the whole, mankind hasn't done too badly for itself. We may not be plumbing the depths of deep space just yet, but the amount of our own we've killed in the name of some unseen deity or profitability is a record we can be doubly proud of. Doubly, because any creature wishing to challenge us for the record must first climb its way up to the top of the food chain - and last time I looked, there was no space beside me for an ocelot. And secondly; that number just keeps on getting higher, yet there's somehow an overpopulation problem. 1-0 MonkeyMan.

Yet for all our aspiring simian shenanigans and the desire to strive forward and answer questions that keep us high and mighty in our glass towers of crapulence, we seem deadly skilled at undermining the very thing we seek to achieve with our understanding; our humanity. And proof can be found in the latest hype engorged poison chalice of DLC."

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kaironn3369d ago

Minions! Band together to defeat the scourge of unlocks!

Ghoul3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

me at your service master!

damn i would hand you 3 bubbles right away :D
well said.

joemayo763369d ago

whatever u say DOOD!!! :)

yes i know disgaea 3 is one of games that uses this method of "dlc"
but prinnies are jus sooo dam cool

xabmol3369d ago

Try "Prinny Can I really be the Hero" on the PSP, dood!

It's an awesome 2D platformer where you play as a Prinny, dood!

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Dimly3369d ago

Wow, interesting article.

No FanS Land3369d ago

Yeah I remember not long ago when I thought that publishers weren't that much ripping us off, now I see it so much it's unbelievable. I remember I changed position when I bought some DLC that was actually only a 100KB unlock code for something they announced like 3 months after the game's release. THAT is a ripoff.

Elven63369d ago

Itagaki was pretty vocal about this during the development on Ninja Gaiden II, he had some harsh words for his competition that were using these tactics.

No FanS Land3369d ago

What game was competing NG2? Well at least we have dome devs that still have some reputation.

Elven63369d ago

It wasn't necessarily Ninja Gaiden II but other franchises that Itagaki had worked on and their companies, I forgot the games he mentioned specifically though, I think Katamari was one.

cherrycreamsauce3369d ago

Haha that salesman is hilarious. Really though is it that bad?

farhsa20083369d ago

it is shocking, get your act together! (CAPCOM)

chrisjc3369d ago

Haha the SF4 costumes?

At least the RE5 versus DLC isn't an unlock; at least people are saying it's not.

farhsa20083369d ago

the mere fact that it comes out weeks after RE5 is released makes it no more better

Fullish3369d ago

Who doesn't like extra money for no extra work?

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The story is too old to be commented.