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SonyRulz3129d ago

BG&E isn't 360 compatible, so I haven't gotten to replay it years...and I only got to play the 360 version of FarCry...and my PC wasn't able to run the original, when it released. Thanks Ubi! :)

micro_invader3129d ago

Beyond good and evil, and Farcry (maybe) for me! :D

Haven't played BG&E for ages, good times with that game... :)

Nuclearwinter3129d ago

When I bought BG&E from steam when they had it for 5 bucks, it was very buggy. A lot of graphical and sound problems. The sound and the cutscenes weren't syncing right sometimes no sound at all, really bad framerate drops, and CTD's.

micro_invader3129d ago

hmmm, ok. Thanks for the heads up. I'll go take a poke around, see if I can find anything more on that.

jagstatboy3129d ago

My current PC is somewhat outdated and I don't think it can handle these games that well (I know the games are old but so is my PC).

I will be buying a laptop in the next few days and will have to wait for it to ship. Does anyone know if I can buy this pack now and wait to download it when I get my new laptop, even though it could be a couple of weeks between buying and downloading?


SonyRulz3129d ago

Why don't you just dld them now, and transfer the files to your laptop? I have a 16GB USB flashdrive I use for similar things...they're about $25-30. Or, you could get a cheap USB external HDD...20-40 GB..and do the same.

meatnormous3129d ago

And DL them when you get your laptop.Steam saves every game you bought through the service for re downloading. I like steam just cause if I need to re format my pc, I can just dl the game again and again.

iceice1233129d ago

Steam binds the games you purchase to your account. You can download them whenever and as many times as you need to.

EvilCackle3129d ago

Was thinking of buying this but I'm not sure how much I'd play IL-2 or Dark Messiah.

kwyjibo3129d ago

Dark Messiah isn't that great, but it can be fun in shorter bursts.

I got it a while back during another sale, just to see how they managed to do first person melee. There's an old school exploratory feel to it as well, searching out for secrets and items. As part of a $10 pack, it's not much of an investment.

There's no way I'd personally play IL-2 though. There's an audience who like flight sims, and I respect them, but it's not for me.

Mr Blings3129d ago

I went to steam to check this out and 3 of the 4 games state the only supported os is windows 2000/xp. These games wont run on my vista 64 bit version then?

Kurylo3d3129d ago

any 64 bit os will run 32 bit games... any game that ran on xp will run on vista. no doubt... Hell i have max payne 1 installed.

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