Opera: Wii browser shows web works on TVs

Nintendo has been delighted with the web browser on the Wii, according to developer Opera, with the console experience proving that the internet can work on a television screen.

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zoydwheeler3402d ago

Will Wii MotionPlus allow us to control the internet via full motion control? Like, using the WiiMote as an Indy Jones style internet whip!

TriforceLightning3402d ago

I would like to once gauge in intelligent conversation one day with one of these Wii related news articles but you have proved to me that maturity is sorely missing from this site.

I am neither hardcore nor casual.I am a gamer and I own a Wii.

heroicjanitor3402d ago

Gauging in conversations is very fun. I measure rain etc while talking to people.

Viper73402d ago

I have been using my tv as a "monitor" for more than a year now. gotta love HD-tv:s ;) non-hd tvs are loosing popularity on rapid phase so if Nintendo is trying to support them, they are wasting their money :|

Nexy3402d ago

Do you really use TVs to surf the Web? I mean I tried this on PS3 and Yellow Dog Linux but it does hurt the eyes... ;-(

I wonder what it looks like on Wii Opera browser with the resolution of 480p...

Menchi3402d ago

It looks better than my PC on my HDTV when I use it on PS3.

In fact, YouTube even made a version of it self to use for consoles.
Try typing in and you'll see the way it's set out for TV use.

It's basic, but it's actually really nice for YouTube browsing once you've used it for a little while. Loads a lot quicker too. The only real downside is that you can't select HQ when you're watching them, which is unfortunate.

But yeaa, over all, with a 720P+ set, it's really quite easy to use the browsers. Wii less so, as the 480P rendering makes it hard on the eyes, even if the browser itself is more functional.

ChozenWoan3401d ago

Right now I'm watching Bleach from Hulu on my PS3 in the PiP while I type this through my PC... from across the room while sitting on my couch. I've found the key to enjoying such is to keep the res down to 1024x768 as the words are not to large nor to small.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my 2 bits.

Viper73401d ago

Dunno about Ps3 linux but I got my Pc plugged in with VGA and resolution set to 1280x765 (oslt). Its as clear as any computer using that resolution, the screen is just a lot bigger :3

neogeo3401d ago

WEB, N4G. youtube. porn, gmail, gamefly, banking and more.

Its not perfect. I still get system freezing when I run youtube for hours straight, and can't do transfers at
I mostly don't need to get out of bed.