Albatron NVIDIA VGA Cards Bundle EVE Online

IncGamers report that the current series of Albatron NVIDIA VGA cards are going to include a copy of EVE Online, and a month's free play.

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Fyzzu3525d ago

This isn't the first time EVE's come bundled with a video card, is it? Seem to remember getting a copy with one of my old ones but I might be mistaken...

Leord3525d ago

Would multiple bundles' game time stack? =D

Leord3525d ago

I wonder if they paid EVE, or if EVE paid them? =)

lothaer3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

almost worth getting a new gfx card... almost.

Leord3525d ago

I need a whole new PC, but I think I'm gonna go with a laptop...

Dorjan3525d ago

EVE really are pulling out all the stops to get big!

thetamer3525d ago

So what, do you get the graphics card for free, or the game...?! :P