STP - GDC 2009: GameSpy Multiplayer on iPhone

STP: "We met yesterday with GameSpy, the online multiplayer infrastructure providers, to discuss real-time multiplayer's future on the iPhone. The short answer is that it's looking bright.

GameSpy is one of the biggest players in the multiplayer gaming space; its servers and technology power all of Nintendo's multiplayer games on the Wii and DS, and several marquee franchises like GTA4 also rely on GameSpy to deliver smooth online multiplayer.

We learned that GameSpy is in the process of bringing that exact same technology to iPhone gaming. Select iPhone games will soon be running off of the same servers that run GTA4's multiplayer crime sprees. The company's taking all comers, from huge triple-A games to unknown indie titles. In order to make that feasible, GameSpy's offering two licensing plans: big publishers can pay a one-time per-game fee for multiplayer, while smaller outfits can give up a revenue share."

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