NowGamer Review: Red Alert 3: Uprising

NG writes: "How does one casually omit multiplayer functionality from a game whose slogan when it launched only months ago was "Co-Op Done Right!" Instead, you're given a handful of new missions (three each for the Allies and Japan, four for the Soviets), along with a three-level prequel of sorts in which you control the psychic Japanese commando Yuriko Omega as she escapes from a lab and blows up hapless armies using her four mind powers. It's admittedly amusing for a bit to devastate encroaching samurai armies with psychic screams and slam couches into copters but since Yuriko acquires all her abilities early on, the novelty wears thin rapidly. A Commander's Challenge mode (cribbed from C & C Generals: Zero Hour) offers considerably more variety and play-hours in a series of fifty steadily tougher scenarios featuring intriguing if random window-dressing like shrinking units and torrents of rubbish, all to unlock units and abilities mostly available in skirmish mode."

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