Ultimate Silent PC

Tips on building and silencing noisy PC rigs. PC Format feature originally published in the issue 220 of the magazine.

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skip2mylou3369d ago

i could use a quiet PC anyone relized why macs are often more quiet than PC yet?my TV set at 5 for a volume is still louder than a MAC for some reason

ChickeyCantor3369d ago

The only thing making noises are the vents on my pc.
Its easy to prevent it by getting better ones.

If your pc is making that much noise i suggest you fix it cause thats just bad.

(also do i sense a bit of mac fanboyism?)

skip2mylou3369d ago (Edited 3369d ago )

nah im in my bros room he has a new MAC. one of the iMAC's. hella silent u cant even hear the disc spinning when hes watching smallville. but he still has his old Compaq XP notebook that he uses for payments

IdleLeeSiuLung3369d ago

Mac's are quiet, but you can also just get a Dell. They are super silent and cheaper.

Otherwise, submerging your PC in liquids sounds like a good plan.