Sony confirms timing for E3 press conference, all three now set in stone

VG247: Here we go. Sony's finally confirmed the timing for its E3 press conference.

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sinncross3397d ago

It appears that Microsoft always goes first followed by Nintendo and then Sony.

I wonder if this is a strategic thing... I mean, Sony can see what the other 2 announce and then tailor their announcements in a way.

Either way E3 cant come quick enough!!!

Fishy Fingers3397d ago

I imagine their presentations/keynotes will all be decided upon and set in stone well before the show. I dont think any of them would be able to adjust what they have planned to rival anothers offerings.

Galvanise3397d ago

Remember Microsoft dropped Halo: ODST at the last minute last year from their presentation? Changes can happen. That said, Sony have some very interesting things to announce, so I don't forsee them changing their plans depending on the other keynotes.
Anyone who is a part of focus groups, seen internal presentations or has heard some rumblings (who shouldn't have), probably knows this.

Look at the games to be released this year. . .Sony always have several large games in development internally, staggered to have many released every year.

I think PSN will have some very large announcements of its own, personally.

thewhoopimen3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Don't be silly, being firsts has its major advantages. Last year MS took alot of the wind out of Sony with the FFXIII announcement. Even though MS only had 1 major blockbuster title to show (Geow2), the news was enough. If I were Sony, I would want to be first this year, and just crush the competition with available upcoming titles and titles planned. Sony must be really confident though this year if they still want to go last. MS wouldn't have the breadth of titles this year to respond to everyone of Sony's announcements.

Simon_Brezhnev3397d ago

you know you save the best for last

cereal_killa3397d ago

maybe there doing it in terms of quality hardware, least to best....I KID I KID!!!!

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Fishy Fingers3397d ago

Hopefully they'll stream it through Home like they have previously.

heyheyhey3397d ago

yeah!!!! that's my most wanted thing out of Home

hopefully they stream their conference AND allow you to download demo's and trailers straight from Home

Sev3397d ago

That would be cool, even though if it is anything like TGS was, it was a yawn fest.

No big deal to me, as I will be attending in person.

free3sixty3397d ago

SOny brings their full line up since 2006 in the first two months in every year, lol.. and then, they deal the half to the next year.

MS waits.. till the right time and blow sonys line sh!t away

Galvanise3397d ago

. . . what big AAA games did Microsoft ANNOUNCE at E3 last year that Sony did't already have?

thewhoopimen3397d ago

Fable 2? snort.
Banjo Kazooie?

Oh Gears of War2.
Is that THE AAA you were talking about? What else did MS show? Lips? one vs. 100?

Where's this brilliant strategem you're talking about free3sixty? Unlike the rest of us, your fanboy spinning only works on you.

JeffGUNZ3397d ago

Yeah, Gears of war 2, you know, the game that scored higher in meta-critic and sold much more then Killzone 2. Remember that game? I am sure Gears 2 wasn't on the PS3, so you didn't have that.

Think before you type.

PirateThom3397d ago

Gears 2 was announced at GDC though.

Galvanise3397d ago

Indeed it was, thus, proving me right. Thanks for the sound knowledge. Its a shame more people don't know these things. The world would be a better place. :)

HDgamer3397d ago

Because gears of war 2 was released at the same day and time of killzone 2 at the last 2 days of February and this months sales have been released. Wow what a fanboy you are.

pwnsause3397d ago

glitches of war 2, nuff said.

Why o why3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

what a fail, thats a failure of a first impression i must say. hows ur gears2 matchmaking going btw?? that is something metacritic cant help now is it ¬_¬ The really really sad thing is that you point to opinions, sales and scores above your own actual hands on experience like sales and scores are more important than the game itself. *sigh*

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VMAN_013397d ago

I remember Sony using LBP to show their profits, earnings etc that was awesome.

Lucreto3397d ago

That was an excellent touch lets hope something like that will happen again. The most boring part became one of the best parts.

gumgum993397d ago

that graph was epic.

hehe, maybe LBP will help demonstrate the specs on Sony's next console. you never know ^_^

talltony3397d ago

June 2 the day sony announces more exclusives.

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