Killzone 2 Patch 1.21 Revealed

GamersDigest writes;

"Guerilla Games have confirmed the list of fixes and additions for the next patch for Killzone 2, titled '1.21', along with things that they are looking to fix in future patches.

The patch should be releasing early next week."

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RedMist113553d ago

"The return of Online Bots. Adding bots to an online game renders it ‘unranked’."

"Fix for auto-aim exploit when rapidly tapping zoom/fire."

Yes, thank you GG!

thereapersson3553d ago

Now people can play with bots, but for those unscrupulous people out there who like to play dirty, they won't be able to pad their stats. This is how it should have been in the first place, so I'm glad to see GG implement them back in in this manner.

legendkilla3553d ago

GG needs to take out the rockets and grenade launcher, so cheap those weapons are!!!

joydestroy3553d ago

Future Patches

* Controls. Seeing about giving more options.

* Expanding on Join Game searches and options.
*Improvements to help play with friends.

can't wait for that stuff. i love the controls but would like to see what they're gonna add. searching for a game should def have more options. and improvements to help play with friends are much needed. for instance, you should be able to hop on and go to a lobby to wait for your friend(s) to join and come to the lobby, then you start a search for a room that will fit all of you in it. because it's agony trying to play with a mate right now.

ThanatosDMC3553d ago

Ummm.... there was auto aim??? I didnt even know that.

crillyconlig3553d ago

cross hairs close to target, you aim, it locks on,keep tapping aim it tracks the player

s8anicslayer3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

Nice patch! Kudos to GG for correcting these issues and making KZ2 MP an enjoyable experience!

iHEARTboobs3553d ago

You can always start your own room with them disabled. I know i've been in a couple rooms where I wasn't allowed to use a rocket launcher, just the nade launcher.

SiLeNt KNighT3553d ago

after the first update to fix the auto aim for the shotgun ive noticed all guns have auto aim to some extent. if two enemies are standing side by side and they split up in different directions the auto aim jumps in and starts to follow one of them for a split second. like cod4 was. GG is one of the best developers ive ever dealt with and with all this great support, i look forward to anything they put out in the future.

we need an update for when i die THROUGH walls! that the most annoying thing to me in this game. ill be in a fire fight and hide behind a wall for a second to reload and all of a sudden im dead. it gets really frustrating. sometimes it seems to happen more than others but a fix for it would be ideal!!

Killjoy30003553d ago

I wish devs would add more weapons to their games. They should add new ones and put existing weapons like the Bolt Gun and Flame Thrower online.

Dandiego3552d ago

Ohh... so there were problems with controls... Finally someone admits this. This game was flawed and I might buy this one if it's playable. The controls are horrible as they are right now.

DaTruth3552d ago

No, there's nothing wrong with the controls, you just suck at games!

The biggest fix they need is the damn rocket launcher, The person shoots you when your standing next to them and it doesn't kill them.
It's the cheapest weapon of all time, a rocket launcher that works at close range.

gamesR4fun3552d ago

cant wait to play again after this!

already got top 1% but quit cause of that glitch gettin m4d form half way across the map was gettin ridiculous.

NIGHT_HAWK32103550d ago

this doesnt really matter cause in like 3 weeks there wont be too many playing this game anyways. this week had like 277000 people roughly, CoD on xbox has 210000 people on right now. the ps3 community is horrible. i bought a ps3 just to play killzone and after about 50 hours of play this game is getting boring. it is also getting harder to even find servers. this game was pretty far from the halo/cod killer all the fanboys said it would be. to anyone who says that didnt happen is full of sh1t, that is all everyone way saying before it came out. now that its not the "killer" ,everyone wants to run from the bragging that happened before the game came out.


rank padding be damned and forgotten

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thereapersson3553d ago

They are really listening to gamers with these patches. I just want to personally say "thank you" (even though they won't see this), because it's not often you see a developer supporting their own product in such a quick and efficient manner.

Killzone 2 forever!!!

BTW, I haven't been on my consoles very much lately because I've been really busy with other stuff, but I have to say that being halfway through the main campaign still does not fail to impress me. I love this game! I'm going to try to hurry up and beat the game by the end of this weekend. :)

himdeel3553d ago

...I haven't finished the campaign yet as I've spent all my free time on multiplayer, but now that I've gotten to general I've gone back to the campaign. The last level really is tough and I'm playing on the veteran mode.

Awesome patch. I've had a few pals that haven't gotten into multiplayer because they get floored so quickly. Bots will give me a chance to play with them again as most are much lower rank thank I.

ThanatosDMC3553d ago

On the campaign... i think im on the 3rd act or chapter but after playing multiplayer i havent checked SP... killing other people with tricks up their sleeves are great.

FunAndGun3553d ago

the last level on Elite is ridiculously hard!!! took me like 3 hours just to get into the room where Radec is.

The intensity and mayhem is out of control!....I am not looking forward to holding that balcony.

iHEARTboobs3553d ago

lol, yeah if you're playing in hard then you'll get your @ss kicked a few times.

ultimolu3553d ago

Lol, I'm somewhere in the middle of the campaign. I love the satisfying sound of earned trophies. x3

NIGHT_HAWK32103550d ago

kz campaign is stupid!!! there is not story at all. all about multiplayer

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DragonWarrior465343553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

why would you want bot games to be unranked. Are you guys and Guerrilla so dumb that you dont realize that there are easier ways to cheat? Ive been maxed rank since the first week this game came out, but most of my friends dont have the time like me to rank up so they are about half way or less. All you gotta do to help get ribbons is play one vs one or small game and just put a password your friends only know and then just do whatever you gotta do to rank up.

I say that its dumb because the friend invite option is not even there. Finding a game that all of your friends play, is the biggest pain in the ass. It took me and my boys over 1 hour just to find a game. I made a room and nobody joined after so long that we all just said screw it. We didn't even have a chance to play one game. The online bots with ranking would have made playing with my friends that much easier. With the option for humans to join in place of bots would have been epic. Revolutionary even. This stinks.

@ redmist and thereaper

Obviously you dont have any friends because anyone who truly plays killzone 2 knows even if a game says its got 25/32 people it still says the game is full even when you try to join a game. BTW, this is N4G. This is a place to talk about these kinds of things. If you dont like it , then ignore me. If not then stop personally attacking me. When I say you people, im not talking to you unless you are one of those people who think taking bots out of ranked matches is a good idea. Its dumb. Why make the game harder to connect with your friends then you have too? Only ignorant children think so.

@reaper. Its not that much fun just playing with your friends if its just you and them. Again, which makes having no ranked bots option retarded, because you dont need bots to cheat. BTW,, try making a match and tell me how long it is before anyone joined. One time It took me 35 mins just to get one person to join, then they left. Sorry unlike most of you guys, I actually like to play games.

Well its cool anyways. Im sorry that I b*tch alot. I just wished some of you guys would take my side and help me fight for what is right. I guess I will have to play my new guitar while I wait for this update to happen.

RedMist113553d ago

Uh, what is wrong with using the 'Join Friend' option?

If it takes you over one hour to find a game with your friends, then I am not sure your in a position to be calling other people dumb :)

thereapersson3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

You made a room, and you didn't even think to message your friends on your list to tell them what the room was called?

You know you can send messages while inside the game, right?

You own the PS3 and all you ever do is complain about what Sony doesn't do with it. You're not a fanboy like TheMart, but you sure do whine a lot. Why not just stick with the 360 altogether for online gaming if it's that important to you?


So now we don't like to play videogames? LOL, come on bro...

celldomceen13553d ago

i dont know where to begin with how wrong your post was.

himdeel3553d ago sounds like you have no idea what you're doing. The option is as simple as clicking on your friends and searching for games they're playing.

I see plenty of matches showing 31/32 that are full and don't quite understand that. I'd assume someone is idle in the game but haven't passed that screen to join the next match.

thereapersson3553d ago

I'm just tired of seeing so much negativity this generation. It's like people spend more time nitpicking and whining about games than they do actually playing them.

I guess I just have so much fun with the game that I don't really worry about stuff like this. To each their own, though!

joydestroy3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

"I say that its dumb because the friend invite option is not even there. Finding a game that all of your friends play, is the biggest pain in the ass. It took me and my boys over 1 hour just to find a game. I made a room and nobody joined after so long that we all just said screw it. We didn't even have a chance to play one game. The online bots with ranking would have made playing with my friends that much easier. With the option for humans to join in place of bots would have been epic. Revolutionary even. This stinks."

that's exactly what i'm saying! and when you do find a room, sometimes they're only playing one map or have specific rules set that you don't like. it's lame dude. the friend option needs to be refined i think.

totally agree with you bro.

thor3553d ago

Your first point - you cheated to get to the max rank

Ranking up in KZ2 is SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY. I get, by playing NORMALLY WITHOUT CHEATING, around the same number of points per hour as in Warhawk. Warhawk's max rank is at 270,000 points I think. KZ2 is at 2,800. I did it in just over 20 hours, without padding. So to cheat your way there is just being stupid I'm sorry.

Your second point - it's hard to join games with friends. Well I don't have many RL friends with PS3s, but when I wanted to join the N4G warzone weekend, I added mquirozz as a friend then went into warzone and clicked "join game". Yeah, really difficult. I agree that the server setup isn't great, the lack of ping indicators is the thing that REALLY PISSES ME OFF but the thing about games saying they aren't full and then they are? Every game I have ever played does that. CoD4 did that. Battlefield 2142 did that. Counter-strike:Source did that. Warhawk did that. I'm not sure what the technical issue is, but there's some reason that it does that that can't be avoided.

I simply don't understand why anybody would want matchmaking over this setup but oh well. I just wish they'd give us a lot more info on the server select screen.

DA_SHREDDER3553d ago

@ Thor. This is DragonWarrior. And actually no I didn't cheat to rank up. I was getting 150 points or more per game. I didnt have to. I actually didnt even start working on my badges till after I was max ranked. I just got my medic badge yesterday, and still have not used a medi pack yet.

The only time I ever cheated was to help one of my friends rank up there stuff faster because it is hard to rank up your badges otherwise. Im telling you right now bots don't make it any easier to cheat,, it just makes it harder to hang out with your friends since there inst a lobby system or friend invite option. Sorry, joining friends game is not good enough. This is the year 2009. Xbox live had this option since 2005

3553d ago
DA_SHREDDER3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

first off. Im not your friend. Also, I bet you dont tell that stuff you just said to people in real life. People like you are the ones that hide behind a computer and talk all your crap because you get your butt kicked in real life on a regular basis. And only people who use the word geektron are the ones that should look in the mirror when they think they can use a term like that when they are trying to put someone down.

I dont know who you think you are,, tell me that I = fail when I never stated that I had to cheat formyself. Then you go on to say that I was a failure at birth? Dude are you serious? Are you mentally ill or something. I think technology has too much of an effect on your life if you have to put people down simply because you think your so awesome at games. Let me guess, your like 16 and you dtiched school and you had your mom call in sick for you just so you can play video games today? You wanna see failure? Look at yourself.

Anyone who agrees with BX81 is a bigger piece of crap.

shadow27973553d ago

I know it's not a perfect solution, but you could just play an unranked game with bots...

You can play with your friends in a full game and have fun. Does it have to be ranked for you to have fun online?

cactuschef3552d ago

Why is there a video of a Dean Dimebag Guitar?

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Baba19063553d ago

only some coop missing the game is perfect.

Silly gameAr3553d ago

I would like a Deathmatch option. That's all I want!

Fox013553d ago

And split-screen multiplayer.

The-Director3553d ago

Body Count is Deathmatch !!

RedMist113553d ago

No, Body Count is TEAM Deathmatch.