Midnight Club South Central DLC Hits Xbox Live

After a week's delay the Midnight Club LA South Central DLC has finally made it's way onto Xbox Live.

Available in 2 versions - as a Free Map Expansion which just adds the South Central Area, or a Premium Upgrade Version (800MSP) which includes 9 new vehicles, 26 new races, 12 new battle maps, 10 new delivery missions, over 100 new red light races, new vinyl packs, new parts, new music and of course the Map Expansion area itself.

To top things off Rockstar have also put 2 Vehicle Packs onto the Xbox Live Marketplace for 240MSP each.


Seems like the 2 Vehicle Packs have been pulled from the Marketplace. Currently it is unknown why this is, or when they'll be back, however the current rumor suggests it was a mistake and that they were not intended to be placed onto the Marketplace just yet.

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manwich253401d ago

Its about time, R* has been playing with their hangdown too long on this one