Square takeover of Eidos given green light

One of the last UK publishing houses will come under foreign ownership next month as shareholders in Eidos voted with an overwhelming majority to accept the bid by Square Enix.

The Final Fantasy publisher, which offered 32 pence per share in February under the SQEX holding company, will gain control of Eidos and its constituent parts after the publisher's shares are delisted, which is estimated to happen in late April.

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GWAVE3497d ago

Mediocre dev...mediocre publisher...mediocre leadership...when the powers unite...CAPTAIN PLANET!

*Disclaimer* The unification of previously mentioned entities does not typically result in Captain Planet. Results will vary. Lower your expectations.

gololo3497d ago

kind of sad...Square Soft was great...but when they became Square Enix everything went down the drain

Sarick3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Squaresoft made that FF movie and it bankrupt them. Sony helped bail them out. They had a nice share of Squaresoft until the merger with Enix.

So basically, it started with the FF Spirits within movie. The merger was the behind the scenes changes that came after the first fall.

Sarick3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

SE wants to get bigger. The sad thing about bigger is your products might suffer. In SE's case they're cranking out titles for every platform and spreading their resources.

IMO. Quality suffers, customers lose confidence and sales start to fall. Cycle repeats until everything is restructured or the busyness fails..

Cajun Chicken3497d ago

If you do one thing, pull out the rights of Akuji The Heartless again.

SpoonyRedMage3497d ago

Ooo I forgot totally about that game but yeh, that was awesome.

Hopefully a Legacy of Kain game will be coming too(doesn't have to be about Kain and Raziel but it'd be better).